Technology: What is it?

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Technology: What is it? by Mind Map: Technology: What is it?

1. What I knew before

1.1. Previously, my knowledge of technology was limited to: smart phones and devices, laptops/computers, cameras and TV's.

2. Camera

3. Computer

4. Creative aspect

4.1. I used a mindmap to express my thoughts and ideas

4.1.1. This is creative for me because I was entirely unfamiliar with mindmaps until completing Module 1

4.2. Mindmeister, (2014)

5. Phones

6. What I know now

6.1. "Technology is not a neutral word. Different people will give it different meaning depending on their viewpoint and context" (Andy Lane, 2006).

6.2. "...the attempt to define technology is quite challenging, and people in general may have different interpretations as they are positioned differently." (Li-Hua, 2007).

6.3. Compromised of different components and categories

6.3.1. Two primary components The physical component Includes products, tools, equipment, blueprints and processes. (Kumar, Kumar & Persuad, 1999). The informational component Includes the know-how in managing, marketing, production, quality control, skilled labour & functional areas. (Kumar, Kumar & Persuad, 1999)

6.4. Four different categories of technology

6.4.1. Hardware. Including laptops, phones, tools, tables and even belts. (Dyer, 2010, para. 2).

6.4.2. Manufacturing. The people who create the hardware, and the process that goes into it. (Dyer, 2010, para. 3.)

6.4.3. Methodology. The understanding and know-how that goes into the first two categories. (Dyer, 2010, para. 4.)

6.4.4. Social Use. The way society views, perceives and uses technology. (Dyer, 2010, para. 5).

6.5. "But of course we're not done yet. We're still inventing, and this is what technology is allowing us to do. That is to continually reinvent ourselves. It's a very, very strong force." (Kevin Kelly, 2010).

6.6. Final thoughts

6.6.1. Technology is continuously advancing and changing. My knowledge has expanded to include things I would have not previously associated with technology. Things that seem simple, such as roads and fire, can be followed back to advances in technology many years ago. With technology advancing, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what technology is and what it is not. The meaning of technology differs largely depending on the person and their experiences. Ultimately, technology as a whole plays one of the largest roles in our lives. Whether it is tools, household objects or smart phones, each aspect of technology adds greater knowledge and ability to our daily lives.

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