Social Realism Idea's - For Film

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Social Realism Idea's - For Film by Mind Map: Social Realism Idea's - For Film

1. The mise-on-scene within the main characters house would be more family based for example many pictures as a whole family and a lot of items that have been kept that belonged to the father to show how much the father meant to that

2. Within the first minuets it will be consisted of the families’ memories and personal clips so we can get an insight on how important this person is valued within this family and it will allow the viewer to get to know them better although not being introduced to them

3. The rest of the 2 minuets would consist of a short 15-second clips showing gangs, a gravestone and our main character being introduced to gangs however we wouldn’t reveal who the dead character is, so it builds tension and doesn’t reveal the full story line in just the opening

4. The film would be set on a council estate/school as it is stereotyped that council estates are where most gang crimes accrue and school to support the characters education

5. The clothing which every character in the beginning shall be wearing will be clothes that look slightly scruffy however the gang members would be wearing high end brands to show that the dodgy things that they do allows them to send money how they would like, the main character would also realise their high brands which will make them more interested in going the gang

6. The house in which the main character lives in will be slightly scruffy, a home where the mother has tried to make it as home like as possible, most scenes will be done within the living room/kitchen and front door area – the kitchen and the living is where the mother would most likely be and the front door is where we will most likely see our main character