Reducing Water Consumption from Showering By Changing Habits in RVRC

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Reducing Water Consumption from Showering By Changing Habits in RVRC by Mind Map: Reducing Water Consumption  from Showering By Changing Habits in RVRC

1. Political

1.1. 1962 Water Agreement with Johor

1.2. 2 Bilateral agreements expire on August 2011 and 2061.

1.3. Aims for self-sufficiency in water supply by 2061

2. Environmental

2.1. Problems with water wastage

2.1.1. Water scarcity 1.1 billion people worldwide lack access to water 2.7 billion find water scarce for at least one month of the year

2.2. Importance of Water Conservation

2.2.1. Reduces contamination of ground water

2.2.2. Fresh water is a finite resource When we conserve water, the water saved has alternative uses. We need water to wash everything maintanance of sewage systems Singapore's lack of freshwater reliant on other countries for water resources Water shortage issues due to overusage

2.2.3. reduces energy use

2.2.4. Reduces possibility of overwhelming water filtration and replenishment system Higher costs health hazards

2.2.5. Importance of water Ecosystem Food supply

3. Economical

3.1. Water Bill Savings

3.1.1. Using a water Meter Benefits of the water meter will outweigh its cost in the long run

4. Technology

4.1. Water-Saving Shower Head

4.2. Mobile Apps

5. Consumption (Social)

5.1. Pyschological

5.1.1. Insufficient motivation to conserve water

5.2. Taking long showers

5.2.1. Soaping while shower is on

5.3. Water Conservation Methods

5.3.1. Water Saving Kit

5.3.2. Water Efficiency Labeling Scheme

5.3.3. Water Conservation Tax

5.3.4. Water Conservation Awareness Program

5.3.5. Singapore World Water Day

5.3.6. Water Rationing Exercise

6. Stakeholders

6.1. Students

6.2. Academic Advisors

7. Solutions

7.1. Why water is not conserved

7.1.1. Unawareness of amount of water wasted

7.1.2. Overconsumption of water in our lifestyles

7.1.3. Water is affordable by the general public

7.2. Increasing Water Consumption Awareness

7.2.1. Installation of Water Meter Tracks Water Consumption Level of consumption Invokes Competition Among Students

7.2.2. Competition between houses of RVRC to consume minimum water during showers