Fahad's Mind Map

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Fahad's Mind Map by Mind Map: Fahad's Mind Map

1. About Myself

1.1. Love to try new things including food :)

1.2. Married & have a cute 3 y/o daughter

1.3. Really excited about self-driving cars

2. Education

2.1. Biomedical Engineer

2.2. University of Cincinnati Graduate 2008

2.3. Certified in Six Sigma Methodologies (ASQ)

3. Work

3.1. Work in Healthcare

3.1.1. (Medical Device Industry) Boston Scientific Process Engineer

3.1.2. (Service Based Industry) Home Healthcare Medical Billing and Coding Project Manager

3.1.3. Durable Medical Industry Buyer

4. Childhood

4.1. Lived in Saudi Arabia

4.2. Attended a multitude of International Schools

4.3. Completed High School in Cincinnati, OH