wearsafe tag

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wearsafe tag by Mind Map: wearsafe tag

1. Advantages of this product

1.1. What is the new functions? ( comparing with older products)

1.1.1. Silent and easy-accessed alert

1.1.2. Create a group chat among trusted circle

1.1.3. Record on-scene audio

1.1.4. Update GPS location

1.1.5. Real-time feedback

1.2. Size

2. Disadvantages

2.1. Price

2.1.1. Maybe a little expensive for some people

2.2. Low possibility for encountering emergency

2.2.1. A need to add more functions?

3. Why there is a need for this product?

3.1. How likely will people meet emergency in their life?

3.2. Is it difficult for people to ask for help in emergency?

4. Will people be willing to consume this product?

4.1. Why?

4.1.1. Pros Useful functions For sake of safety Low price( not sure)

4.1.2. Cons Low possibility for emergency Not very useful Price

5. What can be improved ?

5.1. More functions?

5.2. Lower price?

5.3. ......