Technologies of Healthcare

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Technologies of Healthcare by Mind Map: Technologies of Healthcare

1. Electronic Health Records

1.1. EHR that helps doctor to doctor

1.1.1. Description: A system that allows patient information to be sent electronically, allowing info to be up to date and accurate. Also allows papers to be viewed at a faster time and makes business run smoother due to the use of electronics versus tons of files.

1.1.2. Advantages: Stores information, provides a better diagnosis can be performed. Less chance of medicine being a contraindication.

1.1.3. Disadvantages: Security issues, are notes reliable, can these files be flexible or universal with other systems.

2. CareSystems

2.1. CareSystems helps Health Care Offices

2.1.1. Description: A system, where it helps make sure staff is available, make efficient schedules, and keeps up to date with certificates. And more.

2.1.2. Advantages: Makes great use of time efficiency, stores important dates, notifies what needs to be done.

2.1.3. Disadvantages: How flexible is this system, Will it allow certain things to be override, is system secure

3. mHealth

3.1. mHealth helps patients

3.1.1. Description: Smart phone applications that help patients monitor their conditions, which includes taking medication, BP, glucose test, etc.

3.1.2. Advantages: Allows smart phones to keep track, helps patients remember, monitors information for patient

3.1.3. Disadvantages: Will this app apply to all of health populations, How will maintenance be done, is this information dependable.

4. TeleHealth

4.1. Telehealth helps patients

4.1.1. Description: Uses video chats to see patients, this can be used with multiple platforms to make it convenient for patients.

4.1.2. Advantages: More convenience, less of a wait time, allows business to get done quicker

4.1.3. Disadvantages: Not quite sure of scams, how secure are sites, are these check ups reliable?

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6. By: Emily Doan