Pennsylvania State Government

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Pennsylvania State Government by Mind Map: Pennsylvania State Government

1. Judicial Branch

1.1. Organization of Judicial Branch

1.2. State Government vs Federal Government

2. Executive Branch

2.1. Positions in the State Executive Branch

2.1.1. Attorney General

2.1.2. Governor

2.1.3. Lieutenant Governor

2.1.4. Auditor General

2.1.5. Secretary of State

2.1.6. Treasurer

2.2. Executive Agencies

2.2.1. Department of Agriculturee

2.2.2. Department of Education

2.2.3. Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency

2.2.4. Department of Health

2.2.5. Pennsylvania State Police

2.3. Similarities and Differences Between PA State Government and the National Government

3. Legislative Branch

3.1. Organization and Function

3.2. Representatives

3.3. Differences from National Legislators

4. Revenue and Services