Taylor's Original Music

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Taylor's Original Music by Mind Map: Taylor's Original Music

1. About

1.1. I will include other details that would interest the viewer, compelling stories, biographies, and details that would intrigue the viewer.

1.1.1. I will have a portion of the website and will highlight key points in my biography that are short and to the point as well as compelling stories of success and failures. Digital Photo Editing and Logos: I will have photos that highlight this description.

2. Contact

2.1. I will include contact information in this website that includes my email address, my business phone number, and possibly my manager.

2.1.1. Contact information will be located in the middle to right corner of the page displayed. Infographics that will display contact info.

3. What We Offer

3.1. I will explain what I can offer people and will tell them to view a requests page for booking venues and other videos and songs they would recommend and what they would want to hear from a band or C.D.

3.1.1. Screencast: to submit requests and other recommendations.

4. Stories

4.1. I will include headlining stories about what the band and I are doing, band members, audience members, and other performances that are similar to my market and make them into interesting stories, and possibly other intriguing news to keep people informed.

4.1.1. Video or Animations: Stories and video footage of interesting events related to the website and video footage of performances and a part of the site for news.

4.1.2. Digital Photos: Photos of band, audience, and performances.

5. Ways You Can Help

5.1. Volunteer information for customers and consumers utilizing this website.

5.1.1. Google Forms: I will use google forms ways I can improve or how customers can support this website.

6. Home

6.1. I will include details about my band my original music and who I'm.

6.1.1. Google Form: I will use google form to take survey's and collect data to see what viewers like to read.