Planning differentiated lesson

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Planning differentiated lesson by Mind Map: Planning differentiated lesson

1. Learning Profile

1.1. categories

1.1.1. Gender

1.1.2. Culture-Influence

1.1.3. Intelligence

1.1.4. Learning Style

1.2. student reflection/evaluation of self

1.3. Menus for Success

1.3.1. options

1.4. use typical performance assessment

2. Readiness

2.1. the Equalizer

2.1.1. Foundational vs. Transformational Info, ideas, materials, apps

2.1.2. Concrete vs. Abstract Representations, ideas, apps, materials

2.1.3. Simple vs. Complex Resources, research, issues, problems, skills, goals

2.1.4. Single vs. Multiple facets directions, problems, apps, solutions, approaches, connections

2.1.5. Small vs. Great Leap application, insight, transfer

2.1.6. Structured vs. Open solutions, decisions, approaches

2.1.7. Dependence vs. Independence planning, designing, monitoring

2.1.8. Slow vs. Quick pace of study, pace of thought

2.2. zone of proximal development

2.3. applications in Latin:

2.3.1. Have students read the same myth in Latin but provide it in varying levels of Latin.

2.3.2. Assign grammar practice with varying degrees of difficulty. Assess the students mid-assignment, so that they can change level if need be

3. Interest

3.1. make student interest activities a part of the curriculum

3.1.1. interest groups

3.1.2. invite input

3.1.3. real life applications

3.2. be passionate, so that you create interest in your students

3.2.1. new forms of expression

3.2.2. keep an eye out for passionate students