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Technology by Mind Map: Technology

1. ISTE Standards for teachers

1.1. Teachers will teach and demonstrate the use of apparent digital tools while assisting research and learning

1.2. Student Learning – immerse students in issues around the world with the use of digital tools to explore solutions and current issues.

1.3. Digital Age Learning – Encourage student creativity and learning goals but enhancing learning experiences with the use of digital tools

1.4. Model Digital Age Work - Maintain knowledge and confidence on current and future technologies

1.5. Digital Citizenship and Responsibility - Demonstrate the legal obligations and respect of finding other pupils work. Correctly modeling how to source other work within student work.

2. ISTE Standards for students

2.1. Students will plan and employ effective research strategies to locate information and other resources for their intellectual or creative pursuits.

2.2. Empower the learner – Create and networks that support long-term learning

2.3. Digital Citizenship – give credit when credit is due by displaying sources.

2.4. Knowledge Constructor – evaluate resources and information and develop skills to ensure the relevance and credibility behind digital resources.

2.5. Global Learner – students will use digital tools to connect with pupils around the world which will broaden their horizon by finding differences and similarities with others.

2.6. Communicators – Students will need to be creative and use different tools to navigate and achieve their learning goals

3. Information and communication technology curriculum

3.1. Use of critical thinking hats – Students need to demonstrate knowledge and skills while evaluating and managing information

3.2. Safety – student and teachers need to convey and understand the underlying safety and basic knowledge with technology

3.3. Collaboration – Students will learn to use different tools and techniques to gain competencies

3.4. Hands on Learning – Technology is best learned by using different applications

3.5. Grow knowledge and be reflective – students will learn technology that aids them in learning within school and beyond those walls for personal use and future explorations.

4. Learning and Technology Policy Frame work

4.1. Allow for students to have meaningful and personalized learning

4.2. digital citizenship and technological skills will be learned through digital learning

4.3. Teachers, administrators and other education professionals remain informed on research and allow room for innovation within education

4.4. Digitally confident teachers - the use of digital learning to promote student-centered learning opportunities to meet the diverse needs and interests of all students

4.5. Result of championing effective and innovative use of technology -by keeping up to date with standards and school policies