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English by Mind Map: English

1. Mr. Alexander

1.1. Poetry

1.1.1. Haikus

1.1.2. Tankas

1.1.3. Limericks

1.2. Diamantes

1.3. Books

1.3.1. The Pearl Summary (Poem)

1.3.2. Compilation of Short Stories by Oscar Wilde The Selfish Giant Pop up Project The Nigtingale and the Rose Pop up Project The Happy Prince Pop up Project The Devoted Friend Pop up Project The Remarkable Rocket Pop up Project

1.4. Movies

1.4.1. Iron Will Haiku Project

1.4.2. Mr. Holland's Opus Mandala Project

1.4.3. Alfred Hitchcock Movies Rear Window Purpose: Family Plot Purpose: Shadow of a Doubt Purpose:

1.4.4. The Secret

1.4.5. Romeo and Juliet

1.5. Essays

1.5.1. Death Penalty