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Blogger Girl by Mind Map: Blogger Girl

1. Lifestyle

1.1. This section of the blog will include everything from fun adventures with friends to reviews on products or apps. This tab would allow for clutter within an organized area.

1.1.1. Social Media: I will include social media connections for my site, I will make its own Instagram and Facebook to allow people to view my blog from other forums.

1.1.2. Video: I will create a video montage of photos of my friends and I on campus, writing a small blurb about friendship and community.

2. Food

2.1. This section of the blog would allow me to really explore a passion of mine, food. Living in a town like Tempe there are so many amazing restaurants to try. This tab would allow the reader to get a closer look into an important part of anyones day.

2.1.1. Infographic: I will make an easy to read infographic for a recipe

2.1.2. Photo editing: I will take several photos of food and use photo editing software to enhance the quality of the photos

3. College Survival

3.1. This section of the blog will be centralized around my college experience and what i have learned so far. It will be a place where incoming college students can look and see what college life is like. I will include pictures of the dorms, dining halls and even the campus.

3.1.1. Screencast: I will create a screencast that shows students how to properly access the ASU website and other scholarship sites

4. Home

4.1. This page will be a clear and easy to navigate page that will grab the viewer and encourage them to explore the site. This page will have the most important information as well as the logo. All of my social medias will also be linked at the top by having a simple cut out of the logo with the link embedded into the image.

4.1.1. Logo: I will create a logo for the main page of my website and will use it on all pages of the site.

5. About

5.1. The about section of my page will actually be located on the bottom of the home page where as the other tabs will be in the main home bar. This will allow people to access this information at any time but it won't clutter the top bar of the webpage.

5.1.1. App: I will create an app for the blog that will enhance my site.

5.1.2. Google Form: I will create a google form that will allow the followers of my blog to request me to add content

5.1.3. QR Code: There will be a QR code on the about me page which will connect to my personal accounts.

6. Blogger Girl Tagline: A snapshot of a girls world