Factors Affecting Development

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Factors Affecting Development by Mind Map: Factors Affecting Development

1. Institutional

1.1. Millenium Development Goals

1.1.1. Eight goals enacted in 2000 and expired in 2015. Aim was to improve global wealth, eradicate poverty, Framework around which they could develop policies and overseas aid programmes. Attemps at ending poverty.

1.2. Sustainable Development Goals

1.2.1. SDG demands action from countries. Aims are to end poverty, energy for all, and ensuring healthy lives. Conducted by United Nations. 17 Goals/Targets.

2. Political

2.1. Laws

2.1.1. Laws help promote civilization. Regulates actions made by those living in the particular society.

2.2. Agreements

2.2.1. Helps Acts as a comprimise and creates cooperation between those making the agreement.

2.2.2. Doesn't Help Agreements could create potential dispute between those cooperating.

2.3. Relations

2.3.1. Relations mark a states development. Internal Relations Relations inside a state External Relations Relations between states on a global spectrum.

3. Social

3.1. Equality

3.1.1. Social Class Is their a large separation in wealth and well being between classes.

3.2. Justice

3.2.1. Human rights justice. Is justice needed in a society in regard to human rights.

3.3. Rights

4. Enviromental

4.1. Water

4.1.1. Quality Good Quality Water that contains low counts of lead or/and any other harmful chemicals. Bad Quality Water that contains harmful/unhealthy counts of lead or/and any other harmful chemicals.

4.1.2. Quantity Drought Is the drought by over use of the local water supply, industrial or climate. Distribution Does the distribution of water equal and/or helpful.

4.1.3. Need Irrigation Is the water used for irrigation of farm land or private property. Drink Is the water drinkable and where does it come from.

4.2. Air

4.2.1. Quality Is the air quality harmful and what are the cause of the pollution.

4.3. Ground

4.3.1. Quality Is the dirt free of chemicals.

4.3.2. Use Is the ground for farming or mining.

4.4. Plants

4.4.1. Need Are plants for food or for profit.

4.4.2. Protection Is their any plant protection and if their is, how are they enforced and to what extent.

4.4.3. Use Is the use local or abroad.

4.5. Animals

4.5.1. Protection Is their any animal protection and if their is, how are they enforced and to what extent.

4.5.2. Need What are the need of some animals and how is the farm that they are on. Is the farm Industrial or small local farm.

4.5.3. Use Is the food for the village or sold. Is the farm for profit.

5. Economic

5.1. Debt

5.1.1. Does the debt, prevent local relations with businesses. As well as international businesses.

5.2. GDP

5.2.1. Is the nations GDP based on a few exports. Helps measure development.

5.3. Trade

5.3.1. Is the trade with large countries or local. Creates global relations leading to development.

5.4. Wealth & Income

5.4.1. Is the wealth separation high.

5.4.2. Is their a set wage and quality of work.

5.5. Poverty

5.5.1. Is the country mostly in poverty