Factors That Affect Development

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Factors That Affect Development by Mind Map: Factors That Affect Development

1. Political

1.1. Corruption

1.1.1. Riots Rebellions Decreases safety or individuals.

1.2. Legitimacy is tested

1.2.1. Results in less stability, ruins reputation, may lead into other countries feeling entitled to violate state sovereignty

2. Economic

2.1. Decrease in trade

2.1.1. World economy will be impacted by the shortage of resources and income.

2.2. Inflation

2.2.1. Hyperinflation

2.3. Unable to gather resources

2.4. All of the governments economic resources will be used in protecting the citizens from harsh environmental conditions. This means that there is a lack of funding for things like health and education.

2.4.1. This requires more access to different resources which may result in debt, as money needs to be spent in order to attain those resources

2.5. Debt

2.5.1. Poor developing countries can't afford other resources and ask other countries or organizations for loans. Leads to less money for their country which, in turn, leads to them being even more poor,

2.6. Institutions are capable of throwing developing countries into debt and stunting their growth

3. Social

3.1. Less education

3.1.1. Migrating to get a better education

3.2. Lack of health resources.

3.2.1. Lack of life expectancy Ruined health center

3.3. Lack of time and resources to go after civil issues such as women's rights.

3.3.1. not prioritized social issues

4. Environmental

4.1. Poor health

4.1.1. Affects child development, this stunts the growth of life expectancy

4.2. Hard labor inducing jobs

4.3. Ruins the agriculture in countries feeling the heat of global warming.

4.4. Some island countries could be wiped off the face of the earth due to rising sea levels.

4.5. Loss and damage prevents citizens from living in a stable and safe home.

4.5.1. Ruins individual safety, ruins state's reputation and

4.5.2. Citizens that don't even have a decent place to sleep, are less likely to have a decent healthcare center and school.

5. Institutional

5.1. May be difficult to make certain institutions as country may not be economically stablel to do so

5.2. Institutions are difficult to permanently place is certain countries due to global warming

5.3. Institutions can influence societal norms and stunt it from developing in terms of ideology