G.U.T.S. Sales Mastery Week 1: The G.U.T.S. Method Masterclass

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G.U.T.S. Sales Mastery Week 1: The G.U.T.S. Method Masterclass by Mind Map: G.U.T.S. Sales Mastery Week 1: The G.U.T.S. Method Masterclass

1. What you're going to learn today (2)

1.1. Discover the "G.U.T.S Philosophy" so you can shift your mindset & gain absolute confidence as an investor

1.2. Learn the "G.U.T.S Rules" to adopt the beliefs and attitude of a successful real estate investor and wholesaler

1.3. Master the 3 Step "Success Staircase" to effortlessly move the seller up the "YES" ladder and close them

1.4. Uncover all the "Psychological Deal Triggers" to influence and persuade sellers (or GUTS moves)

1.5. Learn the art & science of asking QUESTIONS so you can extract all the information that will help you close the deal

2. Intro (5)

2.1. Congratulations on making the right decision

2.2. Why am I doing this

2.3. Transformation

2.4. What we're going to cover over the next 6 weeks

2.4.1. Week 1: The G.U.T.S. Method Masterclass

2.4.2. Week 2: The "Agenda" Workshop

2.4.3. Week 3: The "Qualification" Workshop

2.4.4. Week 4: The "Close" Workshop

2.4.5. Bonus Workshop #1: The 4 Types of Strategies That Guarantees Your Profitability

2.4.6. Bonus Workshop #2: Text Your Way To Deals (with Yassin Shaar)

3. Ground Rules (4)

3.1. Engage in the Facebook Group

3.1.1. Record your conversations with sellers & post it in the FB. Give feedback to each other.

3.1.2. Ask questions and share your experience with other members

3.1.3. Share your biggest takeaways right after each training session

3.1.4. Make sure to check out the G.U.T.S. Quick-Start Video Series

3.1.5. If you're not already in there, send an email to Yassin ([email protected])

3.2. Practice. Practice. Practice.

3.3. Recording will be available after the call (we'll email it to you)

3.4. I'm going to deliver content in the first 45-60 minutes and then I'll open it up for Q&A

3.5. I need 3 volunteers for our roleplay today

3.6. Any questions before we move on?

4. The G.U.T.S. Method (50)

4.1. G.U.T.S. Philosophy (5)

4.1.1. Overview

4.1.2. What's up Doc

4.1.3. The Salesman Comes FIRST

4.1.4. You Control the Process

4.1.5. No Begging

4.1.6. Make Money Today

4.1.7. "If your life stinks, it's your fault"

4.1.8. Create an Environment of Success Show me your friends, I'll show your future Join the G.U.T.S. Sales Mastery Facebook group and hangout with the high performers

4.2. G.U.T.S. Rules (5)

4.2.1. Overview

4.2.2. The Million Dollars Rule

4.2.3. No Pro-Bono

4.2.4. No Rapport & Bonding

4.2.5. Only answer ?'s when it serves your needs

4.2.6. It's OK to Fire the Seller

4.2.7. Qualify in 3 minutes or get out!

4.2.8. $ is Never an Objection

4.2.9. Objections are Opportunities

4.2.10. Ambiguity is a No-No

4.2.11. All Cold Calls are converted to warm

4.3. Staircase To Success (20)

4.3.1. Overview Why is it important? What will it enable you to do How does it work Agenda Qualification Close On upcoming workshops we're going to dive deeper into each topic & practice.

4.3.2. Step 1: Agenda Why What Draw roadmap Permission to ask questions OK to fire me How How you draw a roadmap How to ask for permission How to gain their trust (OK to fire me!) Roleplay

4.3.3. Step 2: Qualification Why What Needs & Greeds Timeframe Money Authority Character Casual Commitment How Questions you ask to qualify for Needs & Greeds Questions you ask to qualify for timeframe Questions you ask to qualify for Money Questions you ask to qualify for Authority Questions you ask to qualify for Character Questions you ask to qualify for Casual Commitment Roleplay

4.3.4. Step 3: Close Why What Satisfy & Review CCC How How to satisfy the seller needs & review terms How to confirm terms How to change (if necessary) How to close Roleplay

4.4. Psychological Deal Triggers (A.K.A GUTS Moves) (10)

4.4.1. Overview Based on human psychology Dr. Robert Cialdini Dr. Eric Berne Dr. Thomas Harris Anticipating Seller behavior A lot of the triggers can be used throughout the 3 Step "Success Staircase"

4.4.2. Psychological Deal Trigger #1: Micro-Commitment Commitment upfront The "Yes" Ladder Small decisions lead to big commitments

4.4.3. Psychological Deal Trigger #2: Struggling-Child I got your number here, can you help me? People love to rescue / help Convert prospect into Nurturing Parent Use on closing

4.4.4. Psychological Deal Trigger #3: Pattern Interrupt G.U.T.S. Move Get the seller off balance "You got a problem/solution Mr. Seller!" openers Why should I work with you? maybe you shouldn't! I want to think about it? "You're not allowed to think about it!"

4.4.5. Psychological Deal Trigger #4: Likeability & Trust Happens in the Agenda step Mr. Seller please fire me!

4.4.6. Psychological Deal Trigger #5: Re-direction Get the answer you want Opposite redirection Positive Negative

4.4.7. Psychological Deal Trigger #6: Storytelling

4.4.8. Psychological Deal Trigger #7: "I don't know" Diffuse and change ego-states (TA) Take the conversation to Adult-Adult

4.4.9. Psychological Deal Trigger #8: Authority Setting the Agenda gives you authority (Adult role) Why should I work with you? Gain control through credibility

4.4.10. Psychological Deal Trigger #9: Stroking & Nurturing Empathy Understand how they feel Kind of like "mind reading" When you stroke, you're complimenting them Nurture by relating to them on an emotional level

4.5. Art & Science of Asking Questions (10)

4.5.1. On upcoming workshops we're going to dive deeper into questions and how to ask them

4.5.2. Overview Questions are the answers Questions gives you control Use throughout the sales conversation

4.5.3. Types of Questions Open Closed Ignorant I don't know Multiple Question

4.5.4. Finesse Permission Becoming The Thespian Using Stealth Remaining Unemotional

5. Recap (5)

5.1. Recap of what we learned today

5.2. What's coming next

5.2.1. Week 2: The "Agenda" Workshop Discover the word-for-word "conversation openers" to put the seller off balance and control the conversation from the get go Learn how to get the seller to trust you and answer your questions honestly Find out how to "Draw a map" so you can relief the seller's anxiety and eliminate all possibilities of rejections Discover how to use the different psychological deal triggers to take control at "hello" This workshop is all about PRACTICE. We're going to role play, practice and master the "Agenda" step together.

5.3. Next Steps

5.3.1. Vitamin Claude You're going to have all the tools you need before the end of this training

5.3.2. Homework Watch the webinar again Share your #1 biggest takeaway or aha moment in the Facebook group GUTS Accountability Partner - Connect with another member in the group to start roleplaying (post in the FB group)

5.3.3. Daily Accountability (Yassin) Format Daily accountability 3 Questions # of Calls How to generate 10 min tutorial

5.4. Q&A