Studying abroad from Japan

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Studying abroad from Japan by Mind Map: Studying abroad from Japan

1. Gallary

1.1. It is easy to imagine what japan like is by using pics of JPN and America

1.1.1. Video/photo Editing: I will make the video that gather the pics or movie

2. Home

2.1. Home page decide first impression to visitor. So it must be interesting for viewer in order to pay attention my site. Use pic

2.1.1. Logo Editing: I made my own logo on Home page.

3. Contact

3.1. This page may contain my address

3.1.1. QR code: I will add QR code that visitor can access on my site

4. Story

4.1. I wanna show visitor why I choose this topic and what I want to tell them.

5. About Japan

5.1. Food

5.1.1. What is the JPN traditional food. And Mantain how to make them. Cookpad: to search recipes.

5.2. Culture

5.2.1. What is JPN culture. I wanna compare with American culture. Youtube video: I will post the video that explains Japanese and American culture to easy for visitors to understand visually.

5.3. Fashion

5.3.1. Now trend. For girl, I am sure most of them wanna know fashion trend. Thats why I would show now trend of clothes in JPN app: I will design an app that visitor san submit their own coordinate, and they can see each others.

5.4. Music

5.4.1. What kind of music are liked in both Japanese and America. I would like to mention JPN music related to American music. Youtube video: I will post some music o this page

6. Guide

6.1. What they should do when they go there. including my own story. (ex. Tokyo, Yokohama, Kyoto)

6.1.1. Google Forms: There will be survey for visitors

6.1.2. App: wanna design the app that visitor can search what they should do in specific place

7. Blog

7.1. tell what I fell while I study abroad in America