Rainy night collective

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Rainy night collective by Mind Map: Rainy night collective

1. About

1.1. This section will provide readers with brief bio of myself including a photo so that they can get to know me a little more.

1.1.1. Infographic: I will create an infographic that will display a biography of myself, including a photo.

2. Contact

2.1. The contact page will include the different ways that readers can get in touch with me. For example; my email and social media accounts.

2.1.1. QR code: I will create a QR code so people can access my site with their QR code readers.

3. Purpose

3.1. A page that describes the purpose of my site and how I want to relate to and touch others with my art.

3.1.1. Logo/ Image: My custom logo will be found on this page so readers will familiarize themselves with it.

4. Poems

4.1. The "home" page, where all of the poems can be found.

4.1.1. App Design: I will create an app that will allow readers to access the website in a smaller, and convenient view for browsing on their phones.

5. Stories

5.1. A section where readers can contribute their own stories and journeys regarding poetry.

5.1.1. Audio file: Readers can create audio files of their own voices telling the stories.

6. Submit

6.1. This section contains a button where readers can upload their own poetry .

6.1.1. Google forms: I will use google forms in a way that will conveniently allow readers to submit their own poems to the site.

7. Tagline: Creating a safe place where people can express their thoughts and feelings as well as reading that of others.