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Development by Mind Map: Development

1. Institutional

1.1. IMF

1.2. World Bank

1.3. Millennium Development Goals

1.3.1. 8 goals; enacted in 2000 to 2015 Improve global health Aim: eradicate extreme poverty People still remain in extreme poverty Mortality rate Maternal mortality Gender and income inequality Climate Change

1.3.2. Formed the SDG after MDG expired 4 Big Pictures End extreme poverty Inequality and injustice Healthy lives Sustainable and modern energy Demanded action from all countries

1.3.3. MDG only targeted poor countries

1.3.4. New node

2. Enviromental

2.1. Climate Change

2.1.1. Farming has to be adjusted India had to build a fake glacier that would slowly melt because they would have droughts due to climate change. Bangladesh couldn't farm crops so they chose to instead farm salt fields Relying on imports to bring in food since there are no real crops

2.1.2. Fishing schedule has to be changed In Bangladesh, fishermen had to change their fishing schedule due to cyclone warnings No fish leads to

3. Measuring Devlopment

3.1. GDP: measuring the monetary of all goods and services, with a capacity border in a specific time period

3.1.1. Doesn't measure destruction or equality

4. Political

4.1. Corruption

4.1.1. The gap between rich and poor

4.1.2. Violence and instability

4.1.3. Lack of aid

4.1.4. Lack of projects

4.2. Good management

4.2.1. Maintain infrastructure

4.2.2. Raise and spend money wisely

4.2.3. Set up laws and business Encourages investment Protect businesses Human property rights

5. Economic

5.1. World Bank

5.1.1. Helps "heavily indebted poor countries" (HIPCS) Unless some of the debt is forgiven, they will be paying back their debt perpetually. Example: Senegal focused on ground buts as their source of income but since other countries were growing ground nuts and Senegal was in debt, the World Bank told them to stop growing them and takes their farming equipment

5.1.2. Helps fund development projects Concerns about what development project they are funding

5.2. IMF

5.2.1. Provides emergency relief

5.2.2. Cuts social programs to ensure repayment of loans

5.2.3. Loss of state's authority to govern its own economy

6. Social

6.1. Gender

6.1.1. Inequality income

6.1.2. Injustice Woman in Kenya risk their lives to get water for about 12 hours a day Only focusing on obtaining water won't allow for further development Formed an organization so that they collect rainforest water instead of traveling