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Me by Mind Map: Me

1. Water

1.1. Showering requires fresh water

1.2. Drinking water

1.2.1. >1% of the water on Earth is water we can use and is available to us and we consume it at unsustainable rates and pollute what little water is accessible

1.3. Processing food or goods (such as plastics in my laptop or cellphone)

1.4. Using more water than I need takes away from ecosystems that need it too

2. Land

2.1. The products and services I enjoy that contribute to deforestation makes it harder to absorb the CO2 I release into the atmosphere

2.2. Grow plants on to eat and feed the meat I eat

2.3. Roads to drive my car on

2.4. Space for my house and the amenities I use

2.4.1. There are not enough Earths to adequately house all the people living on the planet, with space required for feeding them the ways many people currently live

2.4.2. Additionally, we deforest and pollute the natural space on the planet to accommodate human growth

2.5. Space to dispose of the garbage I create

2.6. Pollution I create by manipulating the land (deforestation, desertification) infiltrates and pollutes groundwater

3. Air

3.1. I emit pollutants by driving

3.2. By extracting oil and gas for the products I use and to fuel my home and car I release pollutants

3.2.1. Air is a shared commodity that ignores political boundaries and air that is polluted anywhere in the world can affect humans and ecosystems in a completely different part of the world

3.2.2. Air is pretty challenging to clean

3.3. I need air to breathe

4. Ecosystems

4.1. The pollutants I emit contribute to global warming which threatens the habitats and air of all species

4.2. I use roads that split up habitats and endanger animals that live near the roads

4.3. Taking up space with my home and amenities (grocery stores, businesses, farm fields) takes away from natural space ecosystems need to survive

4.3.1. Animal and plant species are endangered by my living habits which in turn affects the global food chain I rely on

4.3.2. The plants and animals humans rely on to live are being threatened by our overuse and polluting practices which means we could run out of food

4.4. Eating fish and meat depletes their populations

4.5. Polluting water impacts the habitats of and life sources of all ecosystems

5. Bold text are things I need to survive

6. My Interconnections to the Environment - ES 101