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Doozydoesit by Mind Map: Doozydoesit

1. About

1.1. This page will give information about the artist, his life, and his musical career

2. Contact

2.1. This page will have all contact information, including social media accounts

2.1.1. Will be using QR code to give users easier access for following social media accounts.

3. Music

3.1. This page will have links to Doozy's music and his EP

3.1.1. This page will also have inforgrpahics showing Doozy numbers and downloads

4. Merch

4.1. This will be all the Doozy merchandise that will be for sale. Fans can order from this page

4.1.1. Potential app for ordering merchandise quicker and easier

5. Videos

5.1. This page will have all music videos made my Doozy

5.1.1. I will be using videos that have already made, and teaser videos for this page.

6. Photos

6.1. This page will have all photos of doozy, concert venues, and anything else related.

6.1.1. Digital Photo Editing and graphics will be made here

7. Home Page

7.1. This will just be a cover photo of Doozy with nothing else

7.1.1. This page will hold a screencast of what can be found throughout the pages