Traveling to Yangzhou

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Traveling to Yangzhou by Mind Map: Traveling to  Yangzhou

1. Home

1.1. in this part, i will use pretty photos to grab visitors' attention and they will want to explore more

2. History

2.1. City's history

2.1.1. few pictures and brief introduction

3. Contacts

3.1. The contact page will give basic contact information so that visitors can access easily

3.1.1. Email, phone and other social media

4. About

4.1. The about page will more focus on details about city and build a foundation to visitors

5. Traveling destinations

5.1. Recommend restaurants and food

5.2. Taxi and bus and walking map

5.2.1. I will use pictures and easy words to clarify the fastest map to every places

5.3. Most saving money tips

6. Gallery

6.1. Food pics

6.1.1. Traditional food

6.2. Destination pics

6.2.1. famous garden and traditional cultures

6.3. Shows

6.3.1. Dragon dance

7. References