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Confucius Tasks - HLD by Mind Map: Confucius Tasks - HLD
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Confucius Tasks - HLD

Reads your schedule from Google Calendar



Home page


It can also


Deployed on GAE

Can be used by any Google User

User need provide Todoist account


I had problem generating fixtures required for running Unit Tests locally, so I didn't yet write any

So, I only made a stupid test in the home page

Suggested features

Update the user success rate


Register new users when they add in GTalk

Allow users to add tasks via GTalk


Show success rate in homepage

Remind users about tasks that should start now


Show explanation & instructions on home page

Nag users about tasks that should have been started

If tasks aren't scheduled, ask the user when he plans to execute them

Show a graph of DailyStats for the user

Add SocialAuth registration

Connect to Google Calendar, to check whether scheduled tasks conflict with scheduled event

Connect to Google Calendar to update scheduled tasks in the calendar


Site address

Todoist API

Todoist Python library (that some guy wrote)

Binfire project site