Sun Devils Guide

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Sun Devils Guide by Mind Map: Sun Devils Guide

1. Buy/$ell

1.1. The buy and sell page will allow students to buy used textbooks as well as sell their textbooks, calculators and anything else students can benefit from.

1.1.1. I will use Canva design to create a business card/flyer for people to find and access my website. A QR code will be available for students to access textbooks easier.

2. Home

2.1. This page will be the welcome page. It will contain useful information about the website. As well as how to use it.It will include a logo and pictures to attract people to my website.

2.1.1. I will use digital photo editing and logos for the home page

2.1.2. I will include info graphics in the home page so students find the website easy use , helpful and be provided with additional information about ASU.

3. Our Mission

3.1. This page will give a detailed description of the purpose of the website and some tips related to the content within the website. This page is very important because this is where viewers will learn about how the website works.

3.1.1. I will provide a screen cast presentation of the website for students to easily maneuver through the site. The screen cast will also include an overview of every page.

4. Study Hall

4.1. Study hall is sort of like a blog, or social networking page. Students will be able to connect with one another through mutual courses and form study groups online and or in person. It is a way for people to familiarize themselves with other people on and off campus.

4.1.1. I will use social media to allow students to network socially among each other. Based courses at ASU students will be able to form study groups.

4.1.2. I will create an app prototype for students to access conversations easier. Students will be able to access every page of the website on the app.

5. Maps

5.1. The maps page will include Maps of ASU as well as routes for buses, parking lots etc. Students will be able to access their class locations as well. This page is to help students access information easier.

5.1.1. I will provide QR codes in this page so students can find places easier and without a hassle. Their will also be contact information in this page.

6. Experience

6.1. The experience page will allow students to share their experiences associated with ASU as well as give certain courses or professors ratings. Students will provide helpful tips and strategies other can use to be successful.

6.1.1. I will use Google form to allow students to enter their information and share it with others. It will be sort of like a survey students take to rate their experience at ASU.

7. Tagline: You cant have a better tomorrow if you're still thinking about yesterday .

8. Contact

8.1. A page where I will include my email for students to ask any question about my website.