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ETCV 530 by Mind Map: ETCV 530

1. Protecting Digital Tattoos

1.1. Topic: Bullying

1.1.1. CASA Center for Positive Social Change

1.1.2. Tools for parents, students and teachers

1.1.3. Pacer Center - Kids Against Bullying

2. Expressing Understanding

2.1. Infographics

2.1.1. Canva Canva not very user-friendly; finished project using Publisher and Pexels site

3. I've Been Thinking About...

3.1. Digital Apps/Edmodo

3.1.1. Padlet, ClassDojo

3.2. Video integration into lessons

3.3. Digital skills and digital literacy

3.3.1. Millenials and familiarity/competency with digital tools

3.4. Andragogy - Software training

3.5. Google Earth street view

3.5.1. Privacy concerns

3.5.2. Benefits of this technology Movie: Lion

3.6. Coding and computer science

3.6.1. Girls Who Code Established to help more girls get into coding/overcome career gender stereotypes

3.6.2. Tynker

3.7. STEM activities and projects

3.7.1. Matchbox cars - physics experiment

3.8. Animated case studies

3.9. Digital tools for classroom management

3.9.1. Bloomz app All-in-one platform for teachers/engagement

4. Keeping Current

4.1. Feedly

4.1.1. EduTopia Keeping content fresh Videos, statistics, technology = update regularly Building positive mindsets Experts in the classroom Following people/companies and RSS feeds

4.1.2. MindShift Individual choices = school segregation Discussion of socioeconomic status and its impact on quality education Designing healthy recess Creating outdoor experiences Importance of bringing elements of the outdoors into learning areas, or take learning outdoors Educational gaming

4.1.3. Moving @ The Speed of Creativity Design thinking takeaways Free WordPress online lessons Chinese classrooms designed by student preferences Blank slate/tailored specifically to students

5. Encouraging Creativity

5.1. Ken Robinson - Schools Killing Creativity

5.1.1. Gillian Lynne "She's not sick. She's a dancer."

5.1.2. Great points about structure and regiment within formal education

5.2. Tim Brown - Creativity and Play

5.3. Ken Robinson - Bring on the learning revolution

6. Organizing Understanding

6.1. Mindmapping - MindMeister

6.1.1. Great tool for summarizing learning

7. Creating Your Digital Toolbox

7.1. GoConqr

7.2. SlideShark

7.3. DuoLingo

7.3.1. Rated among best language learning apps

7.4. Photomath Camera Calculator

7.4.1. Students take photos of math problems; step-by-step solutions to them are provided

8. Problem-Based Learning

8.1. Construction Noise Reduction

8.1.1. Worker safety Decibel Pro - Android Application

8.1.2. Nearby homes/businesses

8.1.3. Sustainability/environmental concerns Construction's effect on wildlife habitats

8.1.4. LEAN principles/cost control

8.1.5. Barriers and new technology Noise abatement materials

9. Creativity Revisited

9.1. 'find plants and animals' app

9.1.1. Apps are eco-friendly; cameras capture plants and animals

9.2. LookUp Life app

9.2.1. Allows searching and logging of local flora and fauna

9.3. Map of Life app

10. Final Reflection

10.1. Multitude of apps and ideas to use in future

10.2. New love for TED Talks, podcasts and RSS News Feeds