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1.1. How to create an online fashion store.

1.1.1. How to create and sell own designs. Send designs to a manufacturer to make. Hand make with sewing machine.

1.1.2. How to develop a visually appealing webpage.

1.1.3. Consider ways to advertise such as through social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

1.1.4. Consider target audience: teenage girls - young adult females (16-25 years old).

1.1.5. Select type of product: Shirts, home-wears, handbags, swimwear, pet clothes (dog jackets etc.).

1.1.6. How to choose a brand/store name.

1.1.7. How to get the legal rights (eg. brand name registration).

1.1.8. How to design a intriguing logo.

1.1.9. Pros for topic: Will be able to maintain interest in the topic as I am passionate about fashion. Good topic for collecting both subjective data (eg. qualitative and subjective quantitative) and objective data (eg. objective quantitative). For example, subjective surveys can be performed to find the most in demand items of clothing, while objective quantitative data can show which means of advertisement has the highest success rate. Provides an opportunity to display creative and innovative skills.

1.1.10. Cons against topic: Highly time consuming. Will require financial costs.


2.1. How can the height and speed of an axel jump be improved by examining the physics and psychology behind this figure skating jump?

2.1.1. What is this jump and where does it originate from?

2.1.2. What are the physics behind this jump? Which laws of physics can be applied to this jump?

2.1.3. What physical requirements are involved to successfully complete this jump? eg. strong core muscles.

2.1.4. Are there any psychological obstacles to overcome when performing this jump?

2.1.5. Pros for topic: Can use background knowledge from being a figure skater for many years. Will maintain interest as I am highly interested in figure skating. Have many helpful connections such as coaches which can help via interviews in my research. Will be able to collect both subjective data (eg. qualitative and subjective quantitative) and objective data (eg. objective quantitative). For example, qualitative interviews can conducted with coaches, while objective information can help to understand the physics behind the jump. Will not require many financial costs. Achievable in the given amount of time.

2.1.6. Cons against topic: No prior knowledge of physics.


3.1. To what extent are homosexuals born or made?

3.1.1. What classifies as homosexual?

3.1.2. Are homosexuals' brains made up differently from those who identify as straight?

3.1.3. Can social interactions influence a person to be gay or straight?

3.1.4. Can homosexuality be hereditary?

3.1.5. Can having social interactions with homosexual people trigger homosexuality in other people?

3.1.6. Pros for topic: Can collect rich and detailed qualitative data through interviews and surveys with both homosexual and straight people. Intriguing and deep topic, therefor will not lose interest.

3.1.7. Cons against topic: Highly subjective topic, therefor may not be able to reach an answer. May have ethical concerns. Very broad topic with many conflicting opinions.