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Divorce by Mind Map: Divorce

1. Home

1.1. This page will inform what the website is about which is about divorce. This page will be mostly informational.

1.1.1. Logo: In this page I will include my logo for the website

1.1.2. Screencast: I will include a screencast video that shows readers how to navigate the site easily.

1.1.3. App: I will include the app as another form of contact info.

1.1.4. Animation Video: I will include a video with tips about divorce.

1.1.5. Social Media: I will include my social media on here as another form of contact.

2. About Me

2.1. In this page I will describe my own divorce story. I will describe my experience growing up with divorced parents & how it affected my life.

3. Other Stories

3.1. In this page I will give other people's stories of their divorce. Whether they were the ones that got a divorce, or they were the children of divorced parents.

3.1.1. Google Form: I will include a google form so that readers can submit their own stories to our page for future use.

4. Advice

4.1. This page will give advice on how to cope with divorce. Things that people should do & things that they should not do.

4.1.1. Infographic: I will include things that you should do & things that you shouldn't do.

5. Support

5.1. In this page, I will list different services that can help a person after a divorce. Whether it be professional help or just needing someone to be there.

5.1.1. QR Code/ Canva Design: This will all be on a flyer that will provide supportl

6. Contact

6.1. The contact page will give my contact information in case anyone has any questions or just wants to talk to someone.

7. Tagline: A supportive community for those who divorce has affected their lives.