Liturgy official worship of the church (unit 1)

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Liturgy official worship of the church (unit 1) by Mind Map: Liturgy official worship of the church (unit 1)

1. What is liturgy (1)

1.1. Not every public prayer is liturgy

1.2. The word liturgy has ancient roots that can help us to under-stand the Church’s worship today.

1.3. The liturgy is primarily the work of God

1.4. Jesus Accomplished our redemption

1.5. When we gather for liturgy we celebrate Christ Pascal Ministry

1.6. The holy sprit enables us to live according to new law

1.7. A liturgy had to be official and governed by the church

1.8. Liturgy has to be public and official to be considered a liturgy

2. The liturgy (2)

2.1. Trinity- the father, the son, and the holy sprit

2.2. Trintiy

2.2.1. Father

2.2.2. Son

2.2.3. Holy Sprit

2.3. Icon of the holy trinity

2.3.1. Andrei rublev

2.3.2. New node

2.3.3. Image (Greek)

2.3.4. New node

3. The liturgical Year (3)

3.1. The liturgical celebrates Gods time which means it is timeless

3.2. The liturgical year begins with advent. This is the fourth Sunday before Christmas. Advent is the time of preparation before Christmas and lasts four weeks

3.3. Preparation has 3 dimensions

3.3.1. 1- We are waiting to celebrate the birth of the word made flesh at Chriistmas

3.3.2. 2- We are waiting to celebrate the birth of the Word of God in our own hearts at Christmas

3.3.3. 3-We are waiting for the final coming of Christ in glory and the end of time

4. Article 4

4.1. The ambrosian in rite s named after Saint Ambrose

4.2. To today each Eastern Catholic Church follows its own ancient tradition

4.3. There are different rites in the church and there are different ways of doing the sacraments

4.4. The Ambrosian and Roman Rtie do thins a title different but they are basically the same

4.5. The crunch remained one body,

5. Article 5

5.1. New node

5.2. The church tries to make the liturgy is perfect as possible

5.3. We must every effort to make the liturgy the best it can be

5.4. World Youth Day centers on the liturgy. Many masses take place in the week of World Youth Day

5.5. New node

5.6. The first world youth day was instituted on December 20, 1985. It was requested by Pope John Paul II.

6. Liturgy

6.1. The official worship of the church

6.2. the people's work

6.2.1. New node