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PAS by Mind Map: PAS

1. ERS

1.1. Client

1.1.1. Panic Sets off Desktop Clients to admins (flash/horn) Send text to admins Sends email to admins Send Like to camera feed if available

1.1.2. Notice Sends "Notification" Bubble to Client's system tray Sends Text to group subscribers Sends Global Email Displays Nice Message to TV's Posts message to News blog and Moodle News

1.1.3. Emergency Sets off Desktop Clients (Flash/horn) Send Global Email Sends Global Text Sends Intercom Message Send TV Notifications Sends Notification to Web Page

1.1.4. Warnings ????

1.2. Server

1.2.1. Send Email

1.2.2. Send Text

1.2.3. Send Desktop Notification

1.2.4. Admin Interface Password Protect Available from client button

1.2.5. New node

1.3. Panic Buttons

1.3.1. ERNI Server (Panic Server)

1.3.2. Main Building HLC


2.1. Manage Users

2.2. Advertising

2.2.1. Moodle Notice

2.2.2. News Notice

2.2.3. Press Release

2.2.4. Main Web Page

2.2.5. Instructor recruitment

2.2.6. Signage

2.3. Setup Official Groups

3. Security Cameras

3.1. Map to ports

3.2. Register to appropriate panic buttons

4. Answers Needed

4.1. Password protect cameras?