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Motivation by Mind Map: Motivation

1. WHAT IS IT? Motivation implies willingness to expand energy in an organization.

2. Theories of Motivation

2.1. Maslows Hierarchy of needs

2.2. Theory X and Y

2.3. Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory/ Motivation-Hygiene Theory

2.4. McClelland’s Theory of Needs

2.5. Goal Setting Theory

2.6. Equity Theory

2.7. Vroom´s Expectancy Theory

2.8. ERG Theory

2.9. Cognitive Evaluation Theory

2.10. Cognitive Dissonance Theory

2.11. Behavior Modification Theory

3. Motivational Techniques

3.1. Job Enrichment

3.2. Goal Settting

3.3. Flexi Hours

3.4. Alternative Working Schedules

3.5. Monetary and non monetary benefits

3.6. Upgrading the skills of employees

4. Significance of Motivation

4.1. High Efficency

4.2. Stability in Workforce

4.3. Low Absenteeism and turnover

4.4. Good Corporate Image

4.5. Development of Friendly Relationships

4.6. Achievements of Goals

4.7. Motivation Can lead To job satisfaction

4.8. More Loya The Workforce Would be

4.9. Good Human Relations