Leisure&recreation along Martesana

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Leisure&recreation along Martesana by Mind Map: Leisure&recreation  along Martesana

1. 3/Outcome of the mapping& Research activities

1.1. Outcome:Park Martesana as the main area gathering activities???

1.2. Research activities

1.2.1. on-the-spot observation

1.2.2. mini talks

1.2.3. gather information via official paths(office, official webs)

1.2.4. via medias

1.2.5. scientific papers

1.2.6. *interview scholars

2. 4/Outcome of research and potential further research paths

2.1. outcome

2.1.1. know better the place??

2.1.2. find drawbacks of the plan??

2.1.3. practice the research process??

2.1.4. things to learn from martesana??

2.2. potential paths

2.2.1. questionnaire?

2.2.2. interview?

2.2.3. experience the life there?

2.2.4. ...

3. 2/Outcome of first mapping

3.1. Physical character:go through+parks;

3.1.1. spatial experience/furnitures/landscapes

3.2. population: percentage of immigrants/Age groups

3.3. activities:Walking dogs/running/biking/gatherings/Posters about lessons and musical plays/

3.4. Facilities/ bdlgs/monuments:

3.4.1. -Parco di Villa Finzi- fenced park on other side of the canal

3.4.2. -Off the bike path there is a square called Piazza Piccoli Martiri, dedicated to the memory of children who died at school during WWII. (statue of woman and dead child)

3.4.3. -type of buildings: includes old farmhouses

3.4.4. -Martesana Park: amphitheatre, playground, community events

3.4.5. -Cascina Martesana (inside the park)- place to meet friends, was abandoned and turned into meeting place with inner garden. Symbol: Coypu- cross between a beaver, rat, and otter (main animals found in the park)

3.4.6. -nearby: holiday homes of the milanese back in the day. the area is called Riviera di Crescenzago.

3.5. natural characters(beavers, wild birds etc.)

3.6. define the research questions that have led you to define a certain focus????

4. 1/define the topic

4.1. Leisure&recreation:Social theories

4.2. Martesana: facts; statistics& other info.