Words in English

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Words in English by Mind Map: Words in English

1. Clothes

1.1. Jewellery (Joyas)

1.1.1. Bracelet Earrings Necklace Ring

1.2. Accessories

1.2.1. Belt (Correa) Cap Hat Leggings Gloves Scarf (Bufanda) Socks (Medias) Tie Tights (Panti-Medias)

1.3. Footwear

1.3.1. Boots Flip-flops Sandals Shoes Trainers

1.4. wear

1.4.1. Cardigan Coat Dress Jacket Jeans Shirt Shorts Skirt Suit Sweater (Jumper) Top Tracksuit Trousers T-shirt

2. Describe a person

2.1. Phisically

2.1.1. Hair Bald Straight Wavy Curly Beards Moustache

2.1.2. Side Tall Medium height Short Thin Slim Overweight Bit overweight

2.2. Personality

2.2.1. Friendly - Unfriendly Talkative - Quiet Generous - Mean Kind - Unkind Lazy - (Hard-Working) Funny - Serius Clever - Stupid Shy - Extrovert Sociable Get on well (Llevarse bien)

3. Book: About a boy

3.1. Chapter 1: A man and a Boy

3.1.1. Grow (Crecer) Advertisement (Anuncio) Royalties (Regalias) Belong (Pertenecer) Enought (Suficiente) Fill (Ocupar, llenar) Tidy (Arreglar) Wonder (Preguntarse) Spread (Extender) Get used (Acostumbrarse) Even if (Aunque) Look after (Cuidar) Weird (Raro - Extraño)

4. Phrases with go

4.1. Go abroad - (Extranjero) Go away for the weekend Go by bus/ car/ plane/ train Go camping Go for a walk Go on holiday Go out at night Go sightseeing (Lugares turisticos) Go skiing (Esquiar)/ walking/ cycling Go swimming/ Sailing (navegar)/ surfing

5. Holiday Activities

5.1. Stay in a hotel/ at a campsite/ with friends Take photos Buy souvenirs (Presentes nativos) Sunbathe on the beach Have a good time Spend money/ time Rent an apartment Hire a bicycle/ skis Book flights/ hotels online

6. Adjetives

6.1. Hotel

6.1.1. Comfortable Luxurious Basic Dirty Uncomfortable

6.2. People

6.2.1. Friendly - Unfriendly Helpful - Unhelpful

6.3. Town

6.3.1. Beautiful Lovely Noisy Crowded

6.4. Food

6.4.1. Delicious Nothing special Disgusting

6.5. Weather

6.5.1. Warm Sunny Very windy (Ventoso) Foggy (Nevado) Clody (Nublado)