Alternative Property Strategies

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Alternative Property Strategies by Mind Map: Alternative Property Strategies

1. Delayed Completion

1.1. Long term

1.2. Positives

1.2.1. Far more secure as investor because of exchange of contracts

1.2.2. Very flexible

1.2.3. Contract can be traded

1.3. Negatives

1.3.1. Stamp duty payable

2. Lease Option

2.1. Short term

2.2. Positives

2.2.1. Very flexible

2.2.2. Transaction can be done very quickly

2.2.3. No stamp duty

2.2.4. Contract can be traded

2.3. Negatives

2.3.1. Not as secure as a delayed completion

3. The labels used will differ in the marketplace

4. Fix and Flip

5. Long Term Delayed Completion

6. 10/10 Payment Plan

7. Assisted Sale

8. Long Term Instalment Contract

9. Private Mortgage (No Bank Loan)

10. Land Option (Development)

11. Sandwich Option (Move onto Tenant Buyer)

12. Important Notice - It is not your job to make a transaction legal. It is your job to fit a solution to a sellers problem and let solicitors tell you if it can be done/make it legal. There is a heads of terms attached which can be edited to get the basics noted down to send off to your solicitors.