Progressive Movement

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Progressive Movement by Mind Map: Progressive Movement

1. Prohibition

1.1. Anti-Saloon League founded to crusade against bars

1.1.1. White Protestants saw Prohibition as a way to impose "American values" on immigrants

1.2. Bishop James Cannon

1.3. Wayne Wheeler

2. Socialism/Communism/Anarchism

2.1. Stupid

3. Labor

3.1. AFL

3.1.1. Dissaffected from the knights of labor

4. African-Americans

4.1. African Americans were treated extremely poorly, and were disenfranchised in the social, politcal and enconomic aspects of life in the early to mid 1900's.

4.2. Booker T. Washgington

4.2.1. NAACP, Crisis Magazine

4.3. W. E. B. DuBois

4.3.1. Leader of the Niagara Movement, opposed the Atlanta Commpromise

4.4. Atlanta Compromise

4.4.1. Blacks would work and submit to white, hierarchical power and rule.

5. Progressive Presidents

5.1. Roosevelt

5.1.1. Conservation movement National Parks System Gifford Pinchot

5.2. Taft

5.3. Wilson

6. Feminism

6.1. Foundation of the Feminist Alliance

6.2. Birth Control Movement

6.3. Women's suffrage

6.3.1. States begin adopting full suffrage

6.4. Rise of Populism

7. Personal Freedom

7.1. Spread of Freudian knowledge

7.2. Larger spread of sexual experimentation

8. Native American

8.1. Society of American Indians

8.1.1. Many leaders educated at white boarding schools

8.1.2. Majority of Natives did not sympathize w/ Society

8.2. Condemnation of "American paternalism" towards Natives

8.3. Demand for full citizenship/voting rights

9. Muckrakers

9.1. Jacob Riis

9.1.1. Tenements

9.2. Upton Sinclair

9.2.1. Meat Industry

9.3. Lewis Nast

9.3.1. Political satire