Types of History

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Types of History by Mind Map: Types of History


1.1. The study of economies/economic events of the past

1.1.1. Labour, business, development of nations, etc.

1.2. Inflation and how it can affect the economy, example, in Canada the housing prices have gone up so much that when all the baby boomers retire no one will be able to find a job or a house

1.2.1. Military history- World Wars 1 and 2 cold war, more destructive weapons used during these wars such as the nuclear bomb.


2.1. Political history (how governments systems have changed over time)

2.1.1. How the government systems reflected society at the time

2.1.2. example of politically historic event is the great depression


3.1. ex. the election system in Canada was created to allow the citizens to choose who they want to elect

3.2. Social History - the history of ordinary people

3.3. Everyday heroes inspiring people to start movements. Ex, Greta Thunberg started a global warming movement.

3.4. Religious history (changing beliefs over time and its effect on people)

3.4.1. How religion shaped the way society functions. Example: the school year has been created in such a way so that people may attend church on sundays and celebrate religious holidays so that no one misses work or school Wedding ring, Shaking hands

3.5. interpretations of historical events (different facets of the same event)