Types of History

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Types of History by Mind Map: Types of History

1. Social History

1.1. Religious History

1.1.1. Islam Quran

1.1.2. Christianity Jesus Spanish inquisition

1.1.3. Buddhism

1.1.4. Judaism

1.2. Sports History

1.2.1. Team Histories and Reputations

1.3. People's History

1.3.1. the development of sports

1.3.2. Biological History Evolution Evolution of Animal Species Plant Evolution Human Evolution History of medicine development of medications to suit the constant spree of developing illnesses various approaches to treating illness and disease inventions and development of medical equipment rules and regulations to keep society safe and free from viruses

1.3.3. Technological history tools and techniques evolution of information technology complex forms of modern engineering

1.4. Family History

1.4.1. Cultural History

1.4.2. ancestry and the origin of our family

1.4.3. traditions passed down through generations

1.5. Ethnic history

1.5.1. immigration

1.5.2. global relations

1.5.3. cultural interactions

1.6. Past Cultural Standards/Customs (anthropology)

1.7. Population Change

1.8. Theatre History

1.8.1. Shakespeare

1.9. Music History

1.9.1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

1.9.2. Ludwig van Beethoven

1.9.3. different genres over time

1.9.4. subcultures related to music

1.10. Government Systems

1.11. Entertainment History

1.11.1. evolution of entertainment & its effects on society

2. Modern History

2.1. Diplomatic History

2.1.1. World War 2 Hitler, Nazis

2.1.2. Canadian History Relations between Canada and The United States

2.1.3. American History american revolution and the formation of the constitution founding fathers & early congress civil war and abolition roles within the wars role in wwi and wwii Slavery Underground Railroad African-Americans, slaves struggles Presidents Abraham Lincoln TRUMP Obama cold war civil rights movement declaration of independence segregation & jim crow laws

2.1.4. educational history the development of education systems

2.1.5. Military History war and conflicts over the years technological developments that came about during war military figures WWI and WWII war of 1812 Nations' attitudes towards war (ex. conquest, defense, ideology) vietnam

2.2. Political History

2.2.1. Civil Rights Movement Martin Luther King John F. Kennedy

2.3. Economic History

2.3.1. development of nations

3. Geographical History

3.1. Exploration

3.1.1. discovering Canada and other countries

3.2. Environmental History

3.2.1. How a certain setting changes over time

3.2.2. People's use and development of natural resources (ex. farming, metals, energy).

3.3. formation of our planet

3.4. movement of continents