Orange County Public School Board Meeting 12/08/09 (RL)

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Orange County Public School Board Meeting 12/08/09 (RL) by Mind Map: Orange County Public School Board Meeting     12/08/09 (RL)

1. Leadership theories displayed (RL)

1.1. The school board is very task oriented and demonstrates a patriarchal style of leadership. (RL)

1.2. The school board also has signs of a stewardship style of leadership. Ths is demonstrated by the incorparation of repetition and drills. At times the board functions as having a specific goal for the good of all involved. (RL)

1.2.1. It appears that they were following Robert's Rules of Order. There was a structured approach, but this was for the process of moving the meeting forward in an orderly way. (EW) School board members had a light that they could turn on if they wanted to make a comment. (EW)

1.3. Accountability and responsibility do not appeared to be shared equally among the board members. (RL)

1.4. Goleman's leadership styles demonstrated during the board meeting seem to be coercive, authoritative, and pacesetting. The coercive style will draw out resentment and resistance from others. I think that has been exhibited in this board meeting. (RL)

2. Overview of the board meeting (RL)

2.1. The introduction seemed more like a reality T.V. show not a school board meeting. (RL)

2.2. Started with a special guest who conducted moment of silence and the pledge of allegiance. (SL)

2.3. How does a district and school board operate under a 40 year old disrimination lawsuit. (RL)

2.4. Mr. Kruppenbacher and James Ingersoll of the audit committee discussed changes in the audit reporting process when Mr. Blocker became the Superintendent. These changes may indicate past issues with state audits of the school district. (RL)

2.4.1. Mr. Kruppenbacher indicated that he had instituted a more comprehensive auditing system. He added the wide risk assessment and provided copies of the results to board members. (EW)

2.5. The school board is very concerned about the public perceiving wrong doing by the school district

2.5.1. They believe that this is a misperception because the auditing process is more complete and they are working with the auditors to investigate potential concerns. (EW) In addition to providing audit reports to the school board, the reports are published on the school website for the public to view. (EW)

2.6. The new administrators seem to feel very supported by the school district and school board. (RL)

2.7. Ms. Gorden shows she has an understanding of the challenges that principal faces. She made a good point stating "its about what you can do for the children, that is what the whole thing is about". (RL)

2.8. Mr. Roach stated that the board should have an accountability system for the strategic plan. (RL) This would help them achieve their goal of increasing their graduation to rate to be nationally distinguished. (EW)

2.9. Proposed future agenda items- Common Core Standards and how they will impact FL. Also discussed the schedule for upcoming board meetings(EW)

3. How Efficient/Effective was this School Board Meeting? (MM)

3.1. The school district lawyer references a court case, Ellis V. The Board of Education that had been going on for 40 years. Obviously, this was of interest due to the length of the case. However, the case was only to be discussed in executive session- which the public will never hear or see. Do the most important and noteworthy Board of Ed discussions always occur in executive session? If so, shouldn't the public be given access? (MM)

3.1.1. It's not exactly clear why it has taken 40 years to resolve this case. But it looks like they have schools that end up being predominantly African American, and I think that the plaintiff's concern that this wouldn't lead to a situation that was in violation of desegregation laws. The public now has access to the details of the case. (EW)

4. Community Involvement (SL)

4.1. Board honors a member of the community who won an award from the state based on her community center work and dedication to education outside of school. This proves that the board is concerned with continuing education through the whole community. (SL)

4.2. During the audit report the mention that voters impacted the actual outcome of the budget was mentioned. (SL)

4.3. While peple are dismissed from meeting a scroll comes across the TV that states. "Your A school district again" reminding viewer that they make the school. (SL)

4.4. It seems like all districts that the board oversees are represented. (SL)

4.5. Schools have partnerships with local hospitals and community college. (SL)

4.5.1. The board is also partnering with the sheriff's office. (EW)

4.6. Chairmen discusses budget concerns with superintendent and consider ways to get the word out to the public. (SL)

4.7. 41, 000 student in Florida entered the community without a diploma. Board member states not much a future for those kids. (SL)

4.8. Mr. Roach made it a point to comment on the statement "if the public only knew". He stated the need to improve the advocacy base and the public knowledge. (RL)

4.8.1. The board meetings were broadcast for the purpose of making these meetings more accessible to the public. (EW)

4.9. Orange County is a growing district and has expanded greatly in the last few years. (RL)

5. One school board member cited a meeting with a state legislator who was running for office. She was very happy that the legislator promised to buy the school district a piece of equipment and thought that all candidates for office should function in this manner. Is this a case of a legislator helping a school in his district or of a legislator attempting to buy votes? (MM)

5.1. Ms. Bell talking about a discussion she had with a politician seemed to be some what odd. I feel it is not the appropariate forum to make such comments. (RL)

6. Influences affecting board behaviors (RL)

6.1. Some board members have distinct issues that they care about. In the 12/09 meeting, this was in evidence when one member focused her discussions on helping the vision of Orange County students. She clearly believed that improving student vision would improve district performance on state tests. (MM)

6.2. Some speeches from the board members came off as very political to me. We must always remember that board members must run for office and that their behavior may be effected by this. (MM)

6.3. Some speeches given from newly appointed assistant principals and Principals publicly thank board members almost political in nature. (SL)

6.4. Ms. Flynn appears to come off with a very defensive attitude when being approached by someone in the public about money issues. (RL)

6.5. Mr. Roach making a comment to Superintendent Blocker "what are you going to do about that, 200 kids on the waiting list" it appeared that he was challenging Mr. Blocker in a public forum. (RL)

6.6. Mr. Roach also challenged Superintendent Blocker's decision to move Mr. Ruiz to a different school building. Mr. Roach appears to have issues with Mr. Blocker. (RL)

6.7. The Common Core Standards (RttT), Differentiated Accountability System, reductions in school funding (EW)

7. Ethical/unethical behavior (RL)

7.1. Budget for the school board seems to be very high due to the fact that have a TV show and technology to support the show. I am sure that the money could be used elsewhere to impact actual education. (SL)

7.1.1. Part of this meeting included the board revisiting the work of its internal and external auditors- essentially looking at the necessity/benefits of auditing. One board member did ask whether the school board itself might ever face an audit. Perhaps the board members themselves realize that it is wasting money also? (MM) This district definitely has made a significant investment in their website as a communication tool. Given that they have an expanding population that covers an area the size a RI, a concern about keeping the community informed, and rather small group of people that attend the board meetings in person, this might be money well spent. This is the most user-friendly, informative board website that I have seen. (EW)

7.2. During some of the thank you speeches of new administration they thank God. (SL)

7.2.1. I wasn't so concerned that the new administrators thanked God, but I did think it odd that they had such long acceptance speeches. If you won an Oscar you wouldn't get that much time to talk. But then again almost all of the audience was there to hear the the new administrators speak. (EW)

7.3. Board member admits to letting student miss school to take him to new conferences about capital budget. Mother quizzes boy about meeting on the way home. Board jokes that student will be given extra credit on the next math exam. (SL)

7.3.1. Ms. Robinson talking about her 12 year old missing school to go to a news conference with her. (RL)

7.4. Mr. Kruppenbacher addresses Ms. Flynn and speaks negatively about the county and their ability to do an audit. (RL)

7.4.1. I'm not sure if this would be considered unethical. I think his point was that he would be open to having this audit if the person suggesting it could say what they expected to gain by having this audit. It would be unwise to pay for an audit, if there was no real purpose for doing it. (EW)

8. How important is a school board to the educational process? (MM)

8.1. NYC eliminated its school board and concentrated decision making through the Mayor's office due to inefficiency and corruption. Watching this meeting did nothing to make me believe this was a mistake. (MM)

8.2. The legislation committee provided information to the lawmakers to show the impact of enforcing the class size limitations. (EW)

8.3. Will be partnering with the local Sheriff's Department to get the word out about the impact the budget deficit will have upon public institutions. (EW)

8.4. Two new high schools were recently opened within the district. These new buildings added 6,500 new seats (reduction of 34 portables) (EW)

8.5. The auditing process works along with the school board and the administration to check over the equitable dispersement of federal funds, tracking school district property, recovering lost funds, and checking for errors. (EW)

9. Legal Implications (SL)

9.1. Board must use votes to change agenda. (SL)

9.1.1. Yellow forms were available for items not on the agenda. (EW)

9.2. Everything must be stated clear and loud enough to be heard by all. Microphones are used which also help with sound on video recording. (SL)

9.3. People are recognized by the chairmen in order to be able to speak and contribute. Similar to a judge in a court room. (SL)

9.4. Vice Chairmen is going to speak before Orange County delegation legislature on December 14 on the issue class size implementation. (SL)

9.5. Mr. Kruppenbacher is limited in what he can say about the details of the lawsuit and advises the board members to not disclose detailed information until a formal agreement has been reached. (EW)