Saving Dogs In Southern States

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Saving Dogs In Southern States by Mind Map: Saving Dogs In Southern States

1. How could i present my ideas?

1.1. What type of fundraiser can i do?

1.1.1. What is my goal ?

1.1.2. How many fundraiser packets do i need?

1.2. Should i put Pack-9's event list on my finished product?

2. Pack-9 general fundraising questions

2.1. how much money does it cost for 1 trip to the Southern states?

2.2. how many volunteers do you take per trip?

2.3. How many dogs on average does the organization Pack-9 collect on each trip?

3. How can i present my final project?

3.1. Should i use a Google?

3.1.1. Should i use Google Slides?

3.1.2. Should i use Google docs?

3.1.3. Should i make a Google Site?

3.2. Should i use a Prezi?

3.2.1. What topics should i put on the Prezi?

3.3. Should i use Powtoon?

3.4. Should i make a brochure?

3.5. Should i make a poster?

4. What topics should i Research?

4.1. Cost?

4.2. Times of the year the volunteers go to the south?

4.3. What kinds of things is Pack-9 in need of?