Getting Rid of AR

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Getting Rid of AR by Mind Map: Getting Rid of AR

1. Student reviews

1.1. What would students want to do to read?

1.2. What kind of way to get graded would they get from the book? (test, reports, etc.)

1.3. What are the reasons that student don't want to do AR?

1.4. What time limit should it be ( semester, quarter)?

2. Reasons Dont Do AR

2.1. What are the reviews of AR?

2.2. What is the star rating?

2.3. What are other schools experience with AR?

2.4. What are the good reasons?

3. Local Schools Reading Programs

3.1. What reading programs are in Adams county in Pennsylvania schools?

3.2. Idea: ask other students that go to other schools and find out what there reading program is. Or ask principals.

3.3. idea: try other schools program in a marking period to try out and see how it works.

3.4. What is the limits for the other programs?

4. High School Programs

4.1. What are High schools do for reading?

4.2. Could 5th and 6th graders do high school readings?

4.3. Do they have a program or do they just read on there own?

4.4. How long is the program?