Jim Crow Laws: 1877 - 1964

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Jim Crow Laws: 1877 - 1964 by Mind Map: Jim Crow Laws: 1877 - 1964

1. Nurses: White, female nurses were not required to work in wards where black men were present (in Alabama)

2. Buses: Different spaces on buses were allocated for white and black people (in Alabama)

3. Railroads: (in Alabama) There were separate waiting rooms and ticket windows for blacks and whites, (in Maryland) blacks and whites were made to sit in different cars, (in Wyoming) Conductors had power to assign blacks and whites to their own cars, should they have felt that the need arose.

4. Restaurants: (in Alabama) Blacks and whites could not both be served food in the same room, and were required to be separated by an upward distance of 7' or higher, and were made to use a separate entrance (in Georgia) Restaurants could only cater to whites OR blacks under a single licence.

5. Promotion of Equality: Any person found to print, publish or circulate material that promoted race equality was liable to a fine not exceeding $50,000, or imprisonment not exceeding 6 months (Mississippi)

6. Prisons: White convicts had separate cells from negroes (Mississippi)

7. Militia: Coloured troops were required to be under the command of white commanders, while white troops could remain under their own leadership (North Carolina)

8. Pool and Billiard Rooms: White and Black people could not play at billiard tables together or in close proximity (Alabama)

9. Toilets (male): Separate toilet facilities were assigned to the two races (Alabama)

10. Intermarriage: (Arizona) Caucasians could not marry Africans, Mongolians, Malaysians or Hindu people (Florida) Caucasians could not marry Africans (Georgia) Whites could only marry other whites (Maryland) Whites could not marry blacks or Malaysians, and neither could these two races intermarry (Mississippi) Whites could not marry someone with 1/8th or more than 1/8th negro blood (Missouri) Whites could not marry blacks or Mongolians (Wyoming) Caucasians could not marry Africans, Mulattos, Mongolians or Malaya.

11. Cohabitation: if a black man and white woman, or white man and black woman were to live together, they were punished by imprisonment not exceeding 12 months, or by fine not exceeding $50,000 (Florida)

12. Education: Separate schools were maintained for whites and blacks (Florida, Missouri, New Mexico and Texas)

13. Mental Hospitals: Wards were separated for whites and blacks (Georgia)

14. Barbers: Coloured barbers could not cut the hair or white women or girls (Georgia)

15. Burial: Black people could not be buried in ground set aside for whites (Georgia)

16. Textbooks: Black students were not allowed to use white textbooks, and vice versa (North Carolina)

17. Child Custody: Black people could not be legal guardians or parents of white children (South Carolina)