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What is Media Education? by Mind Map: What is Media Education?
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What is Media Education?

Goal: Promote "Media Literacy"

Who has heard of it?

Definition: The ability to access, analyze, evaluate and create media in a varieity of forms. An extention of traditional literacy.

Key concepts: (see; and Media Lab's video)

Why it is important

Where it happens

In Schools, Curriculum-based

In Schools, as an elective

In private programs (afterschool programs or camps like The Generation Connection)


National curricula in England, Scotland, Austrailia, Canada since 1980s

No national standarards in US

Often informally tacked on to literacy, technology, or social studies curricula "students will learn using technology"; "students will communicate using a variety of technology"

US push for technology before curriculum development

My Approach: Production Based Media Ed

In Schools