Job-Company/ Illumination Entertainment/Audience

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Job-Company/ Illumination Entertainment/Audience by Mind Map: Job-Company/ Illumination Entertainment/Audience

1. Company information: An american film production company that was founded in 2007 by Chris Meledandri. It is owned by him and Universal Studios (Beginning 1) -letting them know my knowledge in the company

2. Common with them: Both the company and I want to give the best entertainment. They want to give families the best experience when going to a movie theater and looking at their movies. I want to be able to those same types of things. Entertaining people while also passing out a good message. All they do is animation films and that is one of my dreams to have an animation company. Making movies. (Beginning 2)

3. Interesting- The reason i find them so interesting is because their animation style is very different from other animations. Also because compared to the other animation companies they are still considered the underdogs. As someone who will be starting at the bottom, they inspire me to give my all in every animating project i do. (Beginning continued 2-3)

4. Skills/Quality- Normally an animation company wants you to have a bachelor's degree. The key skill is being creative, artistic, communication, computer and time-management skills; ability to use animation and video game software. Knowledge on Unreal Engine 4. (Middle 2)

5. Presenting: I would do a slide presentation. keeping it simple and showing them gains in hiring me. Giving them a light of gain. Make sure that it doesn't run too long but give a good meaty presentation to pursue them. So presenting with slides and keeping it simple that would bring the most value.

6. Big Idea- The reason I am doing this presentation is to pursue Illumination to hire me. I want to accomplish this because it is my dream to work for an animating movie company as well as eventually owning one and making my own. After making this presentation I want the audience to know my true passion and to hire me. (Middle 1)

7. CONFIDENCE and POWER (Portray during the whole presentation) - sell myself

8. Future Self- The reason i am unique is because my work ethics is impeccable. My experience in sales has grown experience in selling our work, our skill and our company. My experience in animation will qualify me to working for your company. My art skills, my time-management skills, my hungry for growth and success will make me a mean machine to the company. The hardware I am learning to use and the programs i know how to use will help me excel. My management experience at a video game company also helps me stand out. A year of experience of being a manager at GameStop shows my video game passion and animation passion. The skills learning at full sail will help me move forward in any company. Skills in ProTools, Unreal Engine 4. (End 1)