Planning a presentation

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Planning a presentation by Mind Map: Planning a presentation

1. Who is my target audience?

1.1. Producers, Showrunners, Staff writers, Agents

1.2. common ground

1.2.1. We all enjoy telling stories, otherwise they wouldn't be in this field of work.

1.2.2. Enjoying television is normally the reason people get into this field, because its not for the faint of heart.

1.3. points of interest

1.3.1. According to the latest Neilson report, the average american watched 34 hours of live television per week, plus 6 hours of recorded TV.

1.3.2. “You know the really great thing about television? If something important happens, anywhere in the world, night or day, you can always change the channel” (Christopher Lloyd in Taxi).

1.3.3. Many people use television to escape from their own reality.

1.4. Why is it interesting?

1.4.1. Each and every moment that someone is watching television is a chance for you to teach, persuade, and enlighten them, whether they realize we are doing it or not.

1.5. Skills and Qualities

1.5.1. I create original content not something that has been done multiple time.

1.5.2. I undestand and can exacute proper scripting format.

1.5.3. I enjoy collaborating with others to make more captivation work.

1.5.4. I am very good at problem solving.

1.5.5. I use criticism to improve my work.

1.5.6. I am able to adapt to change quickly.

1.6. Important information for this group of individuals.

1.6.1. The top five leading genres of primetime TV programming viewed regularly in the United States as of May 2015 are: Sitcoms/ Comedies TV movies Drama Supernatural fits into 4 out of 5 of these Reality Action/ Adventure

1.7. How to reach your audience

1.7.1. Make your audience the king/ hero.

1.7.2. They are there to find out what you can do for them, not to here you talk.

1.7.3. Incorporate stories into your presentation, storytelling is key for writing.

2. Star moment?

2.1. I can help you give the fans of Supernatural what they have been looking for, because I am a long time fan self.

3. What is your True Message/Big Idea?

3.1. Express why are you doing this presentation and what result you hope to have

3.1.1. I want to help you give the fans of Supernatural what they have been looking for.

3.1.2. I would be a valuable asset to your production.

3.2. What do you want this audience to do after watching your presentation

3.2.1. Hire me as a staff writer for your show.

4. Your Future Self

4.1. What makes me unique

4.1.1. I have a bachelor degree in Creative writing for entertainment from Full Sail University.

4.1.2. I am a long time fan of Supernatural.

4.1.3. I have a background in theatre arts.

4.2. Microsoft office

4.3. Hardware and software

4.3.1. I possess a working knowledge in Final draft.

4.3.2. I can operate Sony Vegas Pro 14 proficiently

4.4. Specialties because of Full Sail

4.4.1. I have experience in creative writing for media use due to my education

4.4.2. I have education in script writing for television, movies, and gaming.

4.5. Intrests

4.5.1. I love to enjoy fantasy book and shows.

4.5.2. I am the co-creator of a 'lets play' YouTube channel called Double Vision Gaming.

4.6. portfolio projects, goals and internships

4.6.1. I interned as Writing assistant at Warner Bro.

4.6.2. I creating a script for a Tv movie/ short film called "Heartless".

4.6.3. My goal is to become part of your writing team to help you create the most captivating content possible.