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Small Groups by Mind Map: Small Groups
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Small Groups


New Curriculum?

Daytime group?

Which new groups for May groups launch?

More study-driven, short-term groups needed?

The Lantern

Have a staff member attend to evaluate

Men's group

Richard and Beau, mtg 3-2-11

Men's Fraternity?


Every other week??

Serve together?

Core group?

Small group-driven

Who are you investing in?

Attractional event?


Jeremy and Tyler??

Grant Jenkins notes

Starting Point

Chad and Christy

Sid and Dawn Sawyer

Lawrence Gunnells

Frank and Stacy Lombardo

Mom's Playgroup

Potential leaders

How often should they meet?

Should this be more of a Bible study?

Should there be a daytime women's group & a playgroup?

Advisory board

Mark Greene

Melanie Hill

Tony Hill

Kent Hughes

Teresa Hughes

Sunday morning questions

Karen McGinnis?

Melanie Hill?





Questions for leaders


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