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Speakeasy @ Sun Mind Map by Mind Map: Speakeasy @ Sun Mind Map
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Speakeasy @ Sun Mind Map

Onboarding of new members

Membership kits/forms not always on supply

Confusion over new member fees/dues

Need new member checklist

Is this anything like water boarding?


Need to anticipate in schedule

need to get members thinking about participating 1-2 months before the contest

Educational Tracking

Not published to club members on a periodic basis

Club Goal Tracking

Not posted for club members to see

PR Campaigns

No newsletter

No advertising

Flyers not posted every few months on Sun campus


Guest not always signed in

Guest follow-up inconsistent

Membership Campaigns

No open house since fall 2007

No Speechcraft

Representative in Sun cafeteria when concierge has a vendor open house

Geocities Web Site

Needs a refresh - see Yahoo web site

Would it be better to have a single web site?

Yahoo Groups Site

Needs a refresh

Funding for Educational Programs

Budget doesn't currently allow for special programs