After 10 Years from now

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After 10 Years from now by Mind Map: After 10 Years from now

1. Health

1.1. Physically Fit

1.2. Do healthy habit

1.3. Always do proper hygiene to keep my body away from bacteria cause sickness

2. Family

2.1. Make my family as my strenght

2.2. Make my family as Inspiration

3. Self

3.1. Always be a positive individual

3.2. Have self Awareness

3.3. More determined to achieve my goals in life

4. Education

4.1. High academic performance

4.2. Finish SHS and College

4.3. Graduated in the famous school that give quality education to students

5. Career

5.1. Professional Doctor

5.1.1. High position in the hospital

5.1.2. High performance

6. Step to Achieve my Goals in Life

7. Hope To Become Successful in life After 10 Years