Kindergarten- Text Types and Purpose

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Kindergarten- Text Types and Purpose by Mind Map: Kindergarten- Text Types and Purpose

1. Assessments

1.1. Order of Events project

1.2. Group Collaboration

1.3. Card Game

2. At-Level Students

2.1. 1. Review concepts/terms as a group.

2.2. 2. Order the life cycle of the caterpillar individually/as a group to show comprehension.

2.3. 3. Will partner during writing prompt to ask each other questions about subject.

3. Above-Level Students

3.1. 1. Work independently on their writing prompt, spelling to the best of their ability, and will be encouraged to write an additional sentence.

3.2. 2. These students may create their own story (if time allows) after helping in the group story sort. They may create their own story using photos cut out from a magazine/ordered on a piece of construction paper.

3.3. 3. High-scoring students will work together to formulate a story with 6 sections rather than 3.

4. Below-Level Students

4.1. 1. Spend extra time reviewing terms with the teacher/going over “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” story questions for comprehension.

4.2. 2. Will be paired with at least one high-scoring student during group collaboration to aid in comprehension; will be encouraged to be a group leader to build confidence when ready.

4.3. 3. Will make flashcards showing the life cycle of a caterpillar numbered with the order in which they occur on the back.