Website Online Experience Model

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Website Online Experience Model by Mind Map: Website Online Experience Model

1. Customer Service

1.1. Email Alerts

1.1.1. "alert" "alerts" "alerted" "alerting" "blast" "blasts" "blasted" "blasting" "notify" "notifies" "notified" "notifying" "notif" "notifs" "notification" "notifications" "message center" "message centre"

1.2. Email Support

1.2.1. "customer service" "customer care" "customer support" "cust srvc"

1.3. Live Chat

1.3.1. "employee" "employees" "tech" "techs" "rep" "reps" "representative" "representatives" "agent" "agents" "online" "support" "customer service" "customer care" "customer support" "help" "care" "live" "bot" "bots" "via chat" "by chat" "window"

1.4. Online Communication

1.4.1. "contact" "contacts" "contacted" "contacting" "online communication" "online support" "online request" "online requests" "website request" "website requests" "web request" "web requests" "webform" "web form" "webforms" "web forms" "request information" "request info" "help center" "help centre"

2. Design/Content

2.1. Color/Contrast

2.1.1. "contrast" "contrasts" "contrasted" "contrasting" "color" "colour" "colors" "colours" "colored" "coloured" "coloring" "colouring" "colorful" "colourful" "scheme" "purple" "blue" "green" "yellow" "orange" "red" "black" "brown" "navy" "white" "gray" "grey" "gold" "silver" "bronze" "bright" "brighter" "brightest" "dark" "darker" "darkest" "light" "lighter" "lightest" "resolution" "res" "rez" "highres" "hi res" "high res" "high-res" "lowres" "lo res" "low res" "low-res" "dim" "dimly" "background" "backgrounds"

2.2. Contact Info

2.2.1. "contact information" "contact info" "contact us" "contact me" "contact page" "contact pages" "contact form" "contact forms" "web form" "web forms"

2.3. Font/Text

2.3.1. "font" "fonts" "page" "pages" "text" "print" "size" "sizes" "sized" "sizing" "small" "smaller" "smallest" "large" "larger" "largest" "big" "bigger" "biggest" "clear" "clearer" "clearest" "increase" "increases" "increased" "increasing" "dark" "darker" "darkest" "light" "lighter" "lightest" "bold" "bolder" "boldest" "typo" "typos" "to read"

2.4. Graphics/Images

2.4.1. "graphic" "graphics" "graphical" "graphically" "pic" "pics" "pix" "picture" "pictures" "photo" "photos" "photograph" "photographs" "image" "images" "backdrop" "icon" "icons" "logo" "logos"

2.5. Layout/Display

2.5.1. "format" "formats" "formatted" "formatting" "layout" "lay out" "lay-out" "layouts" "lay outs" "lay-outs" "laid out" "organize" "organizes" "organized" "organizing" "organise" "organises" "organised" "organising" "unorganize" "unorganizes" "unorganized" "unorganizing" "unorganise" "unorganises" "unorganised" "unorganising" "disorganize" "disorganizes" "disorganized" "disorganizing" "disorganise" "disorganises" "disorganised" "disorganising" "reorganize" "reorganizes" "reorganized" "reorganizing" "reorganise" "reorganises" "reorganised" "reorganising" "very busy" "too busy" "clutter" "clutters" "cluttered" "cluttering" "clean" "cleaner" "cleanest" "setup" "set up" "set-up" "coordinate" "coordinates" "coordinated" "coordinating" "overlap" "overlaps" "overlapped" "overlapping" "presentation" "present" "presents" "presented" "presenting" "cramp" "cramped" "space on the page" "use of space" "less busy" "many words" "stuff going on" "less text" "view" "visible" "visibility" "viewable" "accessible" "accessibility" "to see" "bring up" "show" "shows" "showed" "showing" "shown" "show up" "shows up" "showed up" "showing up" "shown up" "access" "accesses" "accessed" "accessing" "list" "lists" "listed" "listing" "listings" "appear" "appears" "appeared" "appearing" "display" "displays" "displayed" "displaying" "online viewing" "mobile viewing"

2.6. Info/Content

2.6.1. "summary" "activity" "content" "information" "info" "research" "researches" "researched" "researching" "FAQ" "FAQs" "Frequently Asked Questions" "knowledgebase" "knowledge base" "description" "descriptions" "spec" "specs" "specification" "specifications" "testimonial" "testimonials" "detail" "details" "detailed" "detailing"

2.7. Look/Design

2.7.1. "design" "designs" "designed" "designing" "redesign" "redesigns" "redesigned" "redesigning" "aesthetic" "aesthetics" "aesthetically" "looks like" "the look" "look and feel" "look & feel" "look n feel" "looks" "looking" "visual" "visuals" "visually" "bland" "boring" "generic" "generics" "generically" "blah" "plain" "basic" "facelift" "face lift" "face-lift" "out of date" "up to date" "brand new" "spanking new" "sleek"

2.8. Marketing/Ads

2.8.1. "banner" "banners" "bannering" "ad" "ads" "advert" "adverts" "advertisement" "advertisements" "carousel" "hero" "marketing" "mktg"

2.9. Security/Privacy

2.9.1. "unsecure" "unsecured" "unsecurer" "secure" "secured" "securer" "privacy" "private" "protect" "protects" "protected" "protecting" "guard" "guards" "guarded" "guarding" "unsafe" "unsafer" "unsafest" "safe" "safer" "safest"

3. Technical Issues

3.1. Error Message

3.1.1. "error" "errors" "pop" "pops" "popped" "popping" "message" "messages" "messaged" "messaging" "msg" "msgs" "get an error" "gets an error" "got an error" "getting an error" "come up" "comes up" "came up" "coming up" "on the screen" "onscreen" "on screen" "page not found" "404" "error page" "page error" "get error" "gets error" "got error" "getting error" "kept giving me" "keep getting" "keeps getting" "kept getting" "giving me an error" "getting the same error"

3.2. Login Issues

3.2.1. "username" "user name" "usernames" "user names" "password" "passwords" "pwd" "pwds" "log in" "logs in" "logged in" "logging in" "login" "log-in" "log out" "logs out" "logged out" "logging out" "logout" "log-out" "security question" "security questions" "sign in" "signs in" "signed in" "signing in" "signin" "sign-in" "sign out" "signs out" "signed out" "signing out" "signout" "sign-out" "enable" "enables" "enabled" "enabling" "disable" "disables" "disabled" "disabling" "enroll" "enrolls" "enrolled" "enrolling" "enrollment" "delay" "delays" "delayed" "delaying" "username" "usernames" "user name" "user names" "attemp" "attemps" "attemped" "attemping" "attempt" "attempts" "attempted" "attempting" "acc" "accnt" "account" "accounts" "accounted" "accounting" "SSN" "social security number" "already taken" "user id" "userid" "could not" "would not" "could not let" "would not let" "problem" "problems" "trouble" "troubles" "issue" "issues" "forget" "forgets" "forgot" "forgetting" "retrieve" "retrieves" "retrieved" "retrieving"

3.3. Performance

3.3.1. "technical" "technically" "lock" "locks" "locked" "locking" "tech support" "technical support" "help desk" "IT desk" "support desk" "unlock" "unlocks" "unlocked" "unlocking" "trouble shoot" "troubleshoot" "trouble shooting" "troubleshooting" "kicked off" "kicked over" "kicked back" "kicked out" "kicked me out" "kicked us out" "kick me" "kicks me" "kicked me" "kicking me" "kick you" "kicks you" "kicked you" "kicking you" "boot" "boots" "booted" "booting" "reboot" "reboots" "rebooted" "rebooting" "freeze" "freezes" "froze" "frozen" "locked out" "blocker" "blockers" "hang" "hangs" "hung" "hanging" "crash" "crashes" "crashed" "crashing" "lag" "lags" "lagged" "lagging" "problem" "problems" "trouble" "troubles" "issue" "issues" "shut down" "shuts down" "shutting down" "keep" "keeps" "kept"

3.4. Website Down

3.4.1. "construction" "is down" "was down" "maintenance"

4. Usability

4.1. Account Modification

4.1.1. "reset" "resets" "resetted" "resetting" "change" "changes" "changed" "changing" "modify" "modifies" "modified" "modifying" "update" "updates" "updated" "updating"

4.2. Browsing/Navigating

4.2.1. "browse" "browses" "browsed" "browsing" "nav" "navigate" "navigates" "navigated" "navigating" "page through" "paging" "page" "pages"

4.3. Efficiency

4.3.1. "fast" "faster" "fastest" "quick" "quicker" "quickest" "slow" "slower" "slowest" "speed" "speedier" "speediest" "long" "longer" "longest" "long time" "longer time" "longest time" "second" "seconds" "sec" "secs" "minute" "minutes" "min" "mins" "forever" "so long" "much time" "delay" "delays" "seems like forever" "inefficient" "inefficiency" "efficient" "efficiency" "prompt" "promptly" "promptness"

4.4. Features/Functionality

4.4.1. "feature" "features" "featured" "featuring" "function" "functions" "functionality" "functioning" "tool" "tools" "useful" "usefully" "helpful" "helpfully" "limited" "limiting" "primative" "zoom in" "zoomin" "zoom out" "zoomout" "option" "options" "ability" "abilities" "capability" "capabilities" "customize" "customizing" "customization" "customizations" "customise" "customising" "customisation" "customisations" "setting" "settings" "compare" "compares" "compared" "comparing" "comparison" "comparisons"

4.5. Mobile/PDA

4.5.1. "blackberry" "blackberrys" "blackberrie" "blackberries" "bberrie" "bberries" "bberry" "bberrys" "bby" "iphone" "iphones "i-phone" "i-phones" "smartphone" "smartphones" "smart phone" "smart phones" "pda" "pdas" "mobile phone" "mobile phones" "cell phone" "cell phones" "cell" "cellular" "cellulars" "mobile" "mobiles" "mobile site" "mobile sites"

4.6. Online Access

4.6.1. "access" "accesses" "accessed" "accessing" "get online" "gets online" "got online" "getting online"

4.7. Search

4.7.1. "search" "searches" "searched" "searching" "find" "finds" "found" "finding" "look for" "looks for" "looked for" "looking for"

4.8. User Interface

4.8.1. "ui" "userinterface" "user interface" "interface" "gui" "graphical user interface"

4.9. Userfriendliness

4.9.1. "usability" "userfriendly" "userfriendlier" "userfriendliness" "userunfriendly" "userunfriendlier" "userunfriendliness" "user" "users" "friendly" "friendlier" "friendliest" "more friendly" "unfriendly" "unfriendlier" "unfriendliest" "more unfriendly" "intuitive" "challenge" "challenges" "challenged" "challenging" "confuse" "confuses" "confused" "confusing" "stupid" "stupidity" "straightforward" "straight forward" "inconvenient" "inconveniently" "easy" "easier" "easiest" "hard" "harder" "hardest" "informative" "of information" "complex" "complexer" "complicate" "complicates" "complicated" "complicating" "confuse" "confuses" "confused" "confusing" "difficult" "more difficult" "difficulty" "difficulties" "frustrate" "frustrates" "frustrated" "frustrating" "simple" "simpler" "simplest" "simplicity" "overly" "overwhelm" "overwhelms" "overwhelmed" "overwhelming" "ease of" "aggravate" "aggravates" "aggravated" "aggravating"

5. Generic

5.1. "homepage" "home page" "homepages" "home pages" "portal" "portals" "site" "sites" "webpage" "web page" "web-page" "webpages" "web pages" "web-pages" "website" "web site" "web-site" "websites" "web sites" "web-sites" "the web" "web" "page" "pages" "click" "clicks" "clicked" "clicking" "scroll" "scrolls" "scrolled" "scrolling" "brows" "browse" "browses" "browsed" "browsing" "browser" "browsers" "load" "loads" "loaded" "loading" "download" "downloads" "downloaded" "downloading" "upload" "uploads" "uploaded" "uploading" "navigate" "navigates" "navigated" "navigating" "online" "on line" "on-line" "offline" "off line" "off-line" "chrome" "internetexplorer" "internet explorer" "with ie" "using ie" "on ie" "firefox" "mozilla" "with safari" "using safari" "on safari" "webmaster" "web master" "web-master" "webview" "web view" "web-view" "webviews" "web views" "web-views" "internet" "intranet" "extranet" "desktop" "network" "networks" "laptop" "personal computer" "PC" "mac" "screen" "screens" ".com" "dotcom" "dot com" "electronic" "electronically" "email" "emails" "emailed" "emailing" "emailings" "e-mail" "e-mails" "e-mailed" "e-mailing" "e-mailings" "mail" "mails" "mailed" "mailing" "mailings" "chat" "chats" "chatted" "chatting" "chatter" "mobile" "digital"