Orange County Public Schools Board Meeting Feb. 2011

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Orange County Public Schools Board Meeting Feb. 2011 by Mind Map: Orange County Public Schools Board Meeting Feb. 2011

1. Procedures

1.1. Good council procedure with asking for motions and seconds before verbal votes. SS

1.1.1. The meeting appeared to run according to schedule. There were motions made and accepted regarding the issues. (AT)

1.2. The meeting was well structured, and the chairman had a well organized schedule in terms of who was to speak or present. (AD)

1.2.1. The Chairman appeared organized and addressed all the topics on the agenda. This was a regular general meeting with no executive sessions. (AT)

1.3. The various technologies avaliable to the room and utilized helped keep the meeting running smooth. (DW)

2. Topics of discussion

2.1. The use of restraints

2.1.1. Open Citizens Forum : President of the Teachers Union The President of the Teachers Union attended the meeting to address a concern on behalf of the teachers regarding a policy and students with special needs (AT) I think that the procedure of parental and state notification on restraint and seclusion is effective. The parents know immediately, then it is sent out to them in writing, and put online with the state. This is important for both documenting and monitoring ongoing issues with particular students for effective interventions. (AD) This also lead to another question of communication of the bargaining unit. Member Gordan wanted to make sure it was addressed right away and the Chairman made sure the correct parties would be put intouch with oneanother. (DW)

2.2. Food Services

2.2.1. I thought the food presentation was very well done and informative. It is evident that the district and Food Service Operators take great pride in providing quality food that students want while stringently following USDA guidelines. (AD) The presentation by Food Services Company demonstrated how good nutrition helps with better test scores. It also shows how the Company is accepting leadership accountability for better nutrition and giving the students what they want by letting them have a say in menu selection. (AT) I also thought that the Food Shows, CHefs on The Move program, Mobile Food Van, etc were great ways to increase community involvement and develop important community/business parterships. (DW)

2.2.2. I was imporessed with what the food service workers have done for that pragram in the schools. They truly have turned nutrition around.(DW) Interesting note: 12% increase of students eligable for free/reduced lunches. This was one of the big reasons they were working to increase participation as well. (DW)

2.3. Looming Budget issues

2.3.1. The Chairman and Superintendent discussed the need for B.O.E and general public of the OCPS District to recognize that the Governor has issued a budget proposal. It is not the actual budget. (AT) I think the Chairman did do a great job of stepping in here to inform everyone that the budget being discussed was only a proposal by the governor and that it is actually the legislative body that puts together the final budget. Proposed budget is a 10.6% decrease across the board - $117,000,000 (AD) These are some unbelievable budget issues. It's hard to imagine finding solutions that don't impact students. SS

2.4. New principal appointments

2.4.1. I can see by giving opportunities to AP's in the district to become principals, the OCSD has a strong belief in continuity as well as faith in developing future leaders. (AD) It really seems as though OCSD values the connections among the entire districts administration staff.(DW)

2.5. Presentation of Monetary Donation to the OCPS from the CFE

2.5.1. The B.O.E. acknowledged the partnership of the school district with the Credit Union and graciously accepted a check for $35,000 to support quality education. It was rewarding to see community collaboration and how it benefits the students academics. (AT) This is a great example of a successful business supported by the community giving back to the community. They have had a longstanding partnership and the contribututiuons by the credit union to OCSD over the years is quite impressive. (AD) YES, a great community collaboration effort. People getting involved in even small ways, such as using a debit card and knowing that the school will benefit. (DW)

2.6. Curriculum Related Issues

2.6.1. A Board member highlighted the importance of implementing Diversity and Multiculturalism within the academics in all OCSD schools. (i.e.Celebrating Black History Month, the Holocaust and the achievements of Hispanic Americans. (AT) Bullying is a topic that all schools nationwide are dealing with. The B.O.E. is focused on how and what is being done at a middle school level. (AT) Insuring that the incident is followed up on and what can be done to eliminate issues of bullying especially on the bus is something the board should stay on top of. (AD) I really liked that the chairman of the board was visiting classrooms. He mentioned that he went to a kindergarten class and he was impressed that they were already implementing and teaching about black history during black history month. (AD)

2.7. Policy Related Issues

2.7.1. A member of the Board was concerned with problems regarding students GPA. It is very important that grades are handled properly so that students grades and college financial aid is not impacted by teachers mistakes. When some mistakes are made it will get to the Board level instead of a building only issue (AT) Good point Alicia, I thought this was well addressed. With the automation of so much data even a few mistakes here and there are worth investigating when so much is at stake for college applicants! SS

3. Compliments: Things they did well.

3.1. Chairman was professional, well spoken and did his job. SS

3.2. Good use of technology and great for transparency! SS

3.2.1. I like that the meeting is recorded for all interested parties to see and witness. (AT)

3.3. Chairman was very articulate, complementary of everyone and was mindful to explain everything for the audience and viewers. (AD)

3.3.1. The Chairman is well read and spoken. He has an authoritative yet respectable presents. (AT) Agreed. Chairman did a good job. There was a mention of how members came to be in the chair...If was during K. Gordan's Committee Update, but I think she mentioned that they naturally just move up the ranks on the board and its not necessarily a specific position. (DW)

3.4. The use of powerpoint was a great touch to help illustrate points. Much more engaging than just hearing people talk. (AD)

3.4.1. I thought the television presentation was very well done and a great way to help inform the public and community of what is happening in the school district. (AD)

3.5. The improvements they have made to their food services are very impressive! SS

3.6. Their update on use of restraints indicates they are being used judiciously and reported appropriately. SS

3.7. Overall it seems as though OCSD does a good job keeping up with all aspects of all schools. They are a large district with a lot to take care of. (DW)

4. Criticisms: Suggestions for improvement.

4.1. Chairman could have kept the meeting moving a bit better at times by intervening with some the off-topic and long winded comments that were given. SS

4.1.1. Yes the chairman should have tried to keep the meeting moving. It was very redundant and arduous to watch. I kept thinking to myself "please just give me the pertinent information and move on" (AD) The Chairman only once asked a fellow Board Member to not discuss a related but off topic matter. The Chairman recommended the matter for a future meeting. I also agree that the Chairman should have tried more skillfully to keep the meeting moving along. (AT)

4.2. Too many long responses, thank you and congratulatory statements. SS

4.2.1. It seemed after an announcement, every board member had to have a say, filled with short stories, anecdotes thank you's and congratulations. (AD)

4.2.2. Many of the responses and accolades from the Appointees and Board members were too long and off topic. (AT) However, from a different side of recognition. It is important for faculty/ staff /community partners, etc. to feel that they are recognized and the job they do does not go unnoticed. Proper recognition leads to better moral and a stronger desire to do well and be successful. (DW)

4.2.3. Member Roach seems to like to "toot his own horn." Many of his commented ened up with a story about himself telling what "he" did. Where as member Gordan also has many comments but mostly seemed to stick to the accolades of the person she was speaking about or question at hand. (DW)

4.3. New principal introductions do not seem necessary at a board meeting. SS

4.3.1. I agree, the prinipal appointments, could have just been announced. There was no need to have them make speeches. It seemed like the oscars. I know it was a very big moment for both of them as a pinnacle in their careers, but they could have organized a banquet of some kind as a better forum to honor them. (AD) I would suggest that only the names are announced and if they are present to stand up for visual acknowledgment. I was also "shocked" by many religious references in the speeches. seeing that may people see a clear divide between religion and education. (AT) Again I feel as though recognition is important, but I do like the idea of a seperate banquet possibly of some sort so as not to drag on the Board Meeting unnecessarily. (DW)

5. The Agenda for the Evening

5.1. Interesting that the Chairman mentioned and made a small joke that the meeting would be "quick". (DW)

5.1.1. I also was a bit surprised with this statement, I commend the board members for their dedication in devoting so much time to education and the OCSD itself. (AD)