Main Section

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Main Section by Mind Map: Main Section

1. Main session (circuit training)

1.1. Abdominals

1.1.1. Sit-ups

1.1.2. Crunches

1.1.3. Leg lifts

1.1.4. Scissors

1.2. Stations

1.2.1. Kettle bell exercises Weight used

1.2.2. Chest, shoulders and triceps Push-ups (consider potential variation to make them easier or harder) Box Star Finger-tip Diver Triceps Dips Depth Inch worm crawl Box Speed

1.2.3. Legs Jump leg lunges Squats Squat jump Calf raises

1.2.4. Cardio 'Av a bit of a jog around

1.3. Music

2. Select your time limit

3. Pick an upper body exercise

4. Pick a lower body exercise

5. Have a high intensity running exercise.

5.1. Cover all main body body exercises