Grammatical tenses

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Grammatical tenses by Mind Map: Grammatical tenses

1. Present simple

1.1. Affirmative: they have a car

1.2. Negative: They don't have a car

1.3. Interrogative: Do they have a car?

2. Present continous

2.1. Affirmative: He is reading now

2.2. Negative: He isn't reading now

2.3. Interrogative: Is he reading now?

3. Past simple

3.1. Affirmative: They saw a movie

3.2. Negative: They didn't see a movie

3.3. Interrogative: Did they see a movie?

4. Past continous

4.1. Affirmative: It was snowing

4.2. Negative: It wasn't snowing

4.3. Interrogative: Was it snowing?

5. Present perfect

5.1. Affirmative: We have been there

5.2. Negative: We haven't been there

5.3. Interrogative: Have we been there?

6. Present perfect continous

6.1. Affirmative: You've been working hard

6.2. Negative: You haven't been working hard

6.3. Interrogative: Have you been working hard?

7. Past perfect

7.1. Affirmative: They had left for France

7.2. Negative: They hadn't left for France

7.3. Interrogative: Had they left for France?

8. Past Perfect continous

8.1. Affirmative: She had been waiting for him

8.2. Negative: She hadn't been waiting for him

8.3. Interrogative: Had shee been waiting for him?

9. Future Simple

9.1. Affirmative: It will snow this winter

9.2. Negative: It won't snow this winter

9.3. Interrogative: Will it snow this winter?

10. Future continous

10.1. Affirmative: She will be traveling

10.2. Negative: She won't be traveling

10.3. Interrogative: Will she be traveling?

11. Future Perfect

11.1. Affirmative: He will have arrived

11.2. Negative: He won't have arrirved

11.3. Interrogative: Will be have arrived?

12. Future Perfect Continous

12.1. Affirmative: You will have been working

12.2. Negative: You won't have been working

12.3. Interrogative: Will you have been working?

13. Conditional

13.1. Affirmative: They would fly there

13.2. Negative: They wouldn't fly there

13.3. Interrogative: Would you fly there?

14. Conditonial continous

14.1. Affirmative: They would be sleeping now

14.2. Negative: They wouldn't be sleeping now

14.3. Interrogative: Would they be sleeping now?

15. Conditional perfect

15.1. Affirmative: She would have been there

15.2. Negative: She wouldn't have been there

15.3. Interrogative: Would she have been there?

16. Future be going to

16.1. Affirmative: She's going to get married

16.2. Negative: She isn't going to get married

16.3. Interrogative: Is she going to get married?