operating system

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operating system by Mind Map: operating system

1. main objecttive

1.1. convenience

1.1.1. The OS as a User/Computer Interface provides abstraction of hardware making more convenient

1.1.2. Key Interface ISA defines repertoire of machine language ABI supports portability API can interface to OS through system calls

1.2. efficiency

1.2.1. The OS as Resource Manager for moving, storing & process data managing resources control through software as ordinary computer software suite of programs, executed by processor regain control to decide the next thing to process

1.3. ability to evolve

1.3.1. evolve over time for reasons serial processing earliest computers problems simple batch systems computers are expensive monitor (primitive o.s) processor point of view Job Control Language Desirable Hardware Features Modes Operation overhead multiprogrammed batch systems processor is often idle uniprogramming multiprogramming time sharing systems